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Was anyone else aware of this?

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I'm was searching for Photoshop textures on Google when I came across this:

The second pattern in the first row was created by Anonymuse. As a matter of fact, here it is:

And another:

And another

.....the list goes on.
No credits are listed. They're even listed as free for commercial use.
Actually, that first one if from one of TwoSouths pattern template Ornamental, with no credit.

Um, he's even asking for donations as a thank you for creating them. Odd.

I emailed Renee with the links. That's pitiful.
I make complaint of this man to Google+

On his site, and my Google+ site. I will make more complaint.

Making to find his web provider too, and make a complaint.

Everyone who creates should make a complaint about him to theft. He say they are his to give, but no. And he wants $$.

People know what else I can do to stop this man, Enrique Flouret is thief?
He Twitter @PSRoadmap also. I Tweet at him there to stop stealing from us and selling it.
I didn't even see where he asked for donations.
That takes the situation to a whole other level. He is accepting money for stolen property.
This makes me sad.
He ask for donations at the bottom of that page. Thank you and Liebling for letting us know. I hope your things are not stolen OrigamiMei. Thank you.

I Tweet at bubs and notify godaddy.com and google+ legal with links to all and licenses. Maybe that can help. More people need to do this. And I am not happy. I message anonymuse.

I @TwoSouth74 on twitter now.
Nothing of mine was stolen. I hate the thought of someone ripping off our community. We have such great people here and no one should be taken advantage of.

TwoSouth wrote:
He ask for donations at the bottom of that page. Thank you and Liebling for letting us know. I hope your things are not stolen OrigamiMei. Thank you.

I Tweet at bubs and notify godaddy.com and google+ legal with links to all and licenses. Maybe that can help. More people need to do this. And I am not happy. I message anonymuse.

I @TwoSouth74 on twitter now.
He takes it down now I think because he is caught, but it make me think that it is so easy to steal and make money from us. Makes me sad and sick too.
I have a cached copy for anyone who needs me to email it. I'll email you a copy Renee.

I sent the cached copy to [email protected]
Ugh Meimei, I've seen ColourLovers patterns in a lot of pages with no credit. People use them freely not caring where they came from. I'm starting to think that the license is just an ornament. All the effort they put into creating templates so anyone can take them...
Agreed. I even used one without knowing! It was p r i m a v e r a by h a n a * and that pattern was created by ycc2106. I got the tumblr template from DollieCrave.com but currently don't see it up there anymore. Hopefully there aren't any other ones laying around.
Maybe it's my crazy hormones but this whole mess has me all teary-eyed and feeling deflated. I've assumed that people were more trust-worthy than we give them credit for but after this, I'm not so sure.
oh my gosh, i couldn't believe my eyes.....* just lamenting a bit *
i'm in such a bummed out mood now -_-

GabsGiggles wrote:
I'm starting to think that the license is just an ornament.

i totally agree with u. * sigh *
I've just realized I've posted this in the wrong forum. Sorry, guys!
I do believe in accidents and mistakes. I don't believe in doing it 50 times and not noticing there was a license. *shrug*. And asking for a donation, and asking to give you credit for the patterns?

There are mistakes, and there are "oops, I got caught" mistakes. Pretty sure that he would have gone right on accepting credit until someone called him out on it. I talked to Renee last night and told her the apology was here, but I'm under the impression that she's just going to delete all her stuff now. I told her to sleep on it.

I am sorry for all the others too. Maybe we can get ahold of "dolliecrave" and get them taken down?
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