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Depresso Expresso For those of us with Depression or lingering depression
2 Lovers0 Conversations1 Palette0 Colors0 PatternsThis group is private
Depression Squad I'm not crying, there's just dust in my eyes.. I'm not smiling, i'm just a good actor. I'm not angry, I just can't control my feelings. I'm not ha…
6 Lovers0 Conversations6 Palettes0 Colors3 Patterns
THE BEST OF CL A group to share works you feel are your best works. Also, if enough members join- I intend to keep this group active
6 Lovers0 Conversations24 Palettes4 Colors31 Patterns
Pride (LGBTQ+) I am proud to say I am bisexual. Here's a nice little group where we all get along and support each other through our sexuality journey (Figuring out…
18 Lovers2 Conversations195 Palettes6 Colors81 Patterns
for EVERYONE! plz join :D This is for everyone! it doesn't matter who you r :D please join if you want to, in this group we make friends, and have fun! you can add anything on …
8 Lovers0 Conversations90 Palettes0 Colors25 Patterns

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