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COLOURlovers is an international creative community that helps people discover their inner designer. We provide people with a wealth of user created & shared color inspiration as well as tools that make the creative process as simple as possible. Whether you’re simply looking for a color palette to kickstart your next project or want to produce a piece of vector art, we have the tools and services to help anybody from go from design inspiration to execution.

There are 9,393,235 COLOURlovers around the world who have created 10,263,275 Colors, 4,934,986 Palettes and 6,010,152 Patterns.

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Bubs - Ambassador of Love & CEO

Favorite ColorClick Pink
Favorite PaletteCharcoal Peach
Favorite PatternHappy CLAD Manasi

Darius A. Monsef IV, known by his friends as Bubs, knows every person has an awesome creative talent and wants to help them find it and share it with the world.

He created COLOURlovers while playing with the idea that all of us see and experience color differently and he wanted to create a place for people to share those unique perspectives.

He’s also a co-founder of the disaster relief non-profit All Hands Volunteers and has spent more than one year living in disaster zones around the world.

His greatest achievement is getting his 2nd grade crush to eventually marry him.

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” - Dr. Carl Sagan

See what Bubs is up to on Twitter: @bubs


Our members have put together some great tips and answers in the Sharing the Love Group.
Check out the FAQ group here.

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They have made COLOURlovers the largest online community dedicated to color and the largest online collection of color palettes and patterns... all while nurturing one of the most welcoming, supportive and inspiring groups of people be a part of.We've been honored as a FIVE time Webby nominee for Best Community Website... join in and start sharing the love.

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