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FatBlueBitch on Duck Pond...
Artistically correct colouring , beautiful❤️
TongrenGirl on Missing Weirdy
This pattern is just gorgeous, Glenna!!! :)
Colorful88 on @sshole emergency
I'm royally P.O.'d that Nixon felt he couldn't tak…
addabarrios on Out of the box
We miss you niksin wrote: OK, this will be my last…
dhzuehlke on ornate.868aC3
How gorgeous. . <3 ~d
JMG84 on o2b Floral-Jun
Wonderful as always o2b! :)
JMG84 on Thank you, Jenn ❤❤❤
Wow what a nice surprise! This is great, I love it…
MistyAamen on Missing Weirdy
Amen to missing the genius template makers. ♥♥♥♥
Worf Thaddeus on @sshole emergency
Ha, Trixx! I hold you in high ass steam after this…


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