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Lovers Peek

FatBlueBitch on Fruit Flavored Wine
Very pretty palette ❤️
JMG84 on Glazed Earth [XL-1]
Super awesome, love this! :)
JMG84 on Eternal Bliss
Incredible, love what this does with colors! :)
JMG84 on Scalloped Curls
Awesome, love this a lot! :)
JMG84 on see (spot) run
Cute one, love it! :)
JMG84 on Natural Tapes
So nice, love this! :)
MistyAamen on StopAlongTheB.A.R.T.
These colors are ELECTRIFYING! (and I like that!) …
eighteyed on Xmas-w-Eighteyed
Ooh, shiny! ^_^


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