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JMG84 on chay rings
Cool one! :) Sucks it can't be colored anymore.
JMG84 on Space Anemone
Cool! :)
SamanthaCrazy on idk
darkboy3444 wrote: yes the pic is me lol im ugly L…
SamanthaCrazy on idk
Is that you?
JMG84 on Rosebud
So wonderful! :)
JMG84 on Pretty Chevron
Pretty! :)
Blade-rp on My Crushes...
no. i don't i'm over you. however, i will NEVER s…
Blade-rp on My Crushes...
SamanthaCrazy wrote: Blade-rp wrote: just tell me …
katesbloodhour666 on There He Stands
Blade-rp wrote: not about me.. more so my late fr…
katesbloodhour666 on There He Stands
What's this about? I thought we descussed this?


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