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TongrenGirl on Morning Glory Window
WOW!! Mary, you have a beautiful palette and I'm …
TongrenGirl on Greetings!
Awwww, these are SO cute!!!! :)
TongrenGirl on Violet Sky at Sunset
Gorgeous, Mary!!!!! :) :)
TongrenGirl on Beyond
Fantastic color combo, Sue!!! :)
TongrenGirl on FlowerObsessionGroup
Oh my! This is SO pretty, John!!! :)
addabarrios on Details, Details!
The template looks beautiful in this colors
helenara on .
very beautiful !
MistyAamen on Sun ray 1
I love these colors! I made a blend of a palette o…
American Women on Change My Ways
Ditto! xo MistyAamen wrote: Thank you! And it make…


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