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Public apologies from Photoshop Roadmap

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EDIT: The contents of this post have been removed because it was intended to be directed to the ColourLovers Community. It has become to my attention that this information, along with some personal data has been exposed to the general public, so I decided to delete it.
If there is a way to keep the apologies private, I will repost the deleted message.

Enrique Flouret
Ok, sooo....let me get this straight...
A supposed professional who has been running their website for 13 years "forgets" to check licensing information before packaging other people's patterns and giving permission to use said patterns for commercial purposes? And without even acknowledging the people who did create the patterns?
On 50 patterns? I am sorry, but I agree with Mei. One or two, okay... 50 patterns. No.
Not only did you misrepresent yourself, and your website, you asked for credit on other peoples work and had the nerve to ask for a donation to download the stolen patterns.

In most places that is fraud and stealing. Taking something that doesn't belong to you, and packaging it in a pretty package for donations? Still stealing.
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