On a mat with a cat, a rat & a mac


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Warm hugs, from an admirer..(:
Happy New Year, mystery woman! Hope your everything goes well!
Five years you have been gone. On one hand, I am glad you are not around to see the state of the community and site as they are now. On the other, I miss you. For me to miss someone means that they have broken through my extremely hard outer shell, which rarely happens. When someone does make it through, I cherish them for life. You will always be in my heart, Anna. ♡
Happy new year, nanners!
I miss you. ♥
Still missing you so much. ;( Please be ok, wherever you are.

Miss You NANNA!
I too miss you, Anna. ❤️
Just wondering what we did. Hope instead you found an opportunity worth your whole attention and are doing swell. Take care out there.
~ E

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