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Created Apr 6, 2010

Interpretation Fun











Home of:
IFRC : The daily Random Color Game
IF-word: ~weekly Inspiration Word/theme
P2P - Linking Patterns To Photos/Pictures
and more...
also to share Colour tools, colour resource, tips... (There's also a list of CL tools)


keywords: Inspiration, Interpretation,Challenges,game,fun,test,Linking Stuff,Experiments,Bits & Odds..

Places To find inspiration, guides, exercices...

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COLOURLovers | Fight for love in the color revolutionTOOLS & RESOUCE
The Color of Words | codename “Cuttlefish”

This is a place to share color resource and tools! Please feel feel to participate!

COLOURLovers | Fight for love in the color revolution ♥ Online Tools by Colourlovers:
▙▟ Get Random Colour by CL (via)
▛▜ Official CL tools

COLOURLovers | Fight for love in the color revolution ♥ Online Tools:
▛▜ Excellent Palette Browser | Codename: "Cuttlefish"
▙▟ Lover Discovery Bookmarklet Must have if you use the above Palette Browser
▙▟ The Color of Words | codename “Cuttlefish”
▙▟ Color Barcode Generator | codename “Cuttlefish” [forum]
▛▜ Transmonster Spawns & multiblends colors from keyword/text. (if the input doesn't work, you can paste the palette ID directly in the URL)
▛▜ Transmonster Ex multiblends 1 palette
▛▜ Transmonster Fusion multiblends 2 palettes.
?? Website is no longer...
▙▟ Color loving ♥ Small Scheme Search & Color Picker
▙▟ Dekaf Lovers: A Visual Mashup
▛▜ Color of the Year 2010 ♥ By COLOURlovers
▛▜ Pictaculous Generates a scheme from a local image file - results from Kuler & ColourLovers
▛▜ TINYexporter export palettes to .SVG or .GPL format (see help)
▛▜ PLGRND Preview palettes as webpage

COLOURLovers | Fight for love in the color revolution ♥ Widget & Apps
▛▜ Flash Palette Widget flash-based widget to display your palettes on any website.
▛▜ Widgetbox › COLOURlovers
▛▜ COLOURlovers Color Picker - Yahoo! Widgets
▛▜ Mac OSX Dashboard Widget for ColourLovers by Fourleaves
▙▟ CL Colour Picker from Microsoft Live Labs (windows sidebar)
▛▜ ColourPress - a WordPress widget
▛▜ COLOURlovers Desktop Color Finder Adobe Air app
▙▟ Color Browser Import Adobe apps, Kuler, or ColourLovers ASE files

COLOURLovers | Fight for love in the color revolution Feeds (xml) Combining RSS tools such as filters... you can generate many widgets or track a specific keyword
+ must for any CL mashup developer:
▛▜ ColourLovers API COLOURLovers API for Flash Tutorial

COLOURLovers | Fight for love in the color revolution ♥ For @CL - only
▙▟ ADVISED! Quick jump button - by anonymuse
▛▜ GREY COLOURlovers Greasemonkey script by sero*
▙▟ Hide Martha Steward Ad buttons Greasemonkey script

COLOURLovers | Fight for love in the color revolution Related ♥ Tools :
▛▜Spoonflower: upload pic to generate pattern - online tool.
By aepstein:
▛▜ ColorSchemer Pruducts : Studio, Galleria, ColorPix (local apps)
▙▟ Online Color Scheme Generator

COLOURLovers ♥ @
AIM: dariusmonsef
Yahoo: dariusmonsef
gChat: [email protected]
or here

Twitter, Facebook, Wakoopa, Flickr Group,

List of CL games & Challenges

▙▟ Official CL FAQ
▙▟ Official CL Help Forum

Tutorial blog posts
▙▟ Profile Identities
▙▟ LOVES, FAVS, Templates
▙▟ Activity Feed & Notifications
▙▟ Threadless Template
▙▟ Download Color Palettes in XAML, WPF and Design

▙▟ How to colour a pattern"
▙▟ COPASO : Color Palette Software
▙▟ YouTube - ‪COLOURlovers Pallete Download‬‏ by Darius
▙▟ YouTube - ‪COLOURlovers Pallete Creation Tool‬‏ by Darius
▙▟ YouTube - ‪ Design Tips -‬‏ (old)
▙▟ YouTube - ‪How To Easily Choose and Share Color Schemes‬‏
▙▟ Search COLOURlovers VIDEO Tutorials

Other Tutorials & Links
▙▟About Seamless & Bugs
▙▟ Seamless 2 anything page
▙▟ How to add tags - Why add tags+About tags
▙▟ How to insert & resize an image
▙▟ COPASO : combine palettes, keep widths...
▙▟ Using COPASO to search (for 1 Lover Color Palettes)
▙▟ How to embed Youtube and VIMEO
▙▟ About combining colors - gradient

▙▟ Tutorial: Using with Microsoft Expression


Wikipedia: Shades of color Good reference with visual support
Causes of Color
Nosfeel, an interactive experiment on mood, colours, and music by Nosfell (see how it was made)
Colour Naming Experiment
World of colour emotion Research, theory and more. To read: existing theories of colour harmony
objective definition of colour harmony is: “when two or more colours seen in neighbouring areas produce a pleasing effect, they are said to produce a colour harmony.”
Source: World of colour emotion: recent studies of colour emotion

CrowdFlower’s Blog » Where does “Blue” end and “Red” begin?
The World Color Survey
Color Matters Bulletinboard
Search for 'color' - wikihow
Welcome to the world of color
color - Google Squared Experimental color chart based on Google search results
Chromalengua Compilation Floow lover has translated color names in many languages (Google spreadsheet)

Inspiration Resource
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
FFFFOUND! image bookmarking
social bookmarking for pictures on image bookmarking

Color Search Engines
For Flickr
retrievr - search by sketch / search by image
Multicolr Search Lab - Idée Inc.
Content Based Visual Image Search : Tiltomo
Color Fields Colr Pickr

Color Tools
▛▜ Opposite Color Tool and more
▛▜ Doughnut Color Picker Very Good Online Color Picker
▙▟ Aviary's Toucan Interesting Color Editor
▙▟ LCD Monitor Test
▙▟ Cllctr: a social bookmark service for images - all the images have a color palette generated
▙▟ How can I Find the Average Color of a Photograph?
▙▟ Color Blender Gradient generator

COLOR PERSONALITY TESTS Thank You Sundancer! (source)
▙▟ - The free five minute personality test!
▙▟ Test color : free of charge personality test.

Wow! What an awesome resource! Thanks so much ycc2106! <3

From Evad's last blog post: KUBLAI PATTERNS - Simple geometric patterns

A game to practise reading Hex color codes: What the Hex?

How to Read HEX Color Codes? (this can be really useful!)
See this excellent article by evad:
hexadecimal color grey 88
This article is about developing a method of thinking about hex code that will allow you to read and manipulate it without having to pop into photoshop in order to see the color itself.

Related links: How to calculate hexadecimal colors, How to Read Hex Color Codes

The New Black: Blacker than black

FASHIONISTAS take note: this material really does deserve to be labelled the new black - it absorbs virtually all the light that hits it.

This "blacker than black" stuff is an example of a class of substances known as metamaterials, which exhibit optical properties not normally found in nature.
Metamaterials consist of a regular array of two or more tiny components, each smaller than the wavelengths of the light they interact with. It is this array-like internal structure that gives them their unusual properties.

It's a very interesting surface to look at because it's so black
Dr Richard Brown, NPL

It reflects 10 to 20 times less light than current coatings and has a number of applications in astronomy, such as on star trackers, which help spacecraft navigate.

Scientists at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) in Teddington, West London, say it could also be used on our planet.

Several artists are said to be keen to use the new material because it is incredibly beautiful, "like black velvet".

Feather reading: BBC News: Blacker is the new black
Source: Stealth Fighters of Tomorrow Could Make Today's Look Like the Goodyear Blimp | Science Not Fiction | Discover Magazine

Colors of the Social World
By looking at the more than 1 Million people who have used our Themeleon tool to design their Twitter Profile in the past 3 months, we were able to paint a picture of the world connecting colors to locations and profile data. Below is a visual guide to what we found: What we noticed first was that a huge majority of people don't wander that far off from Twitter's default light blue colors... and then we went digging deeper.


Symea found this lovely Color theory-tutorial with illustrations and manual hand writing!
"It has so much info- I have had a few color theory classes and this site sums it all up- in a fun way" - Symea

Check it out, in the version you like:
Interactive version
image version
french version

See also: Color In Motion an animated and interactive experience of color communication and color symbolism

Worth checking out CL blog posts:

Silencing - New Visual Illusion by evad
Look at the center dot, see if you notice the changing colors:

Worth checking out CL blog posts:

The Colorful Work of Norman McLarren by evad
Using sound in visual art

Worth checking out CL blog posts:

Beautiful pics: Cocktail Colors Seen Through the Microscope

Other interesting articles:
>> Color of Medication Affects Efficacy

"14% think pink tablets taste sweeter than red tablets; Yellow is perceived as salty; 11% thought white or blue tablets as tasting bitter; 10% said orange tablets were sour".

>> Business Blog / How do Colors Affect Purchases?

>> Music & Color
Video Color Analysis

"This is a tool that analyzes the contents of any video and generates a piechart. "

>> Can you recognize your brand only by its color?

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