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Interpretation Fun

Created Apr 6, 2010

Interpretation Fun











Home of:
IFRC : The daily Random Color Game
IF-word: ~weekly Inspiration Word/theme
P2P - Linking Patterns To Photos/Pictures
and more...
also to share Colour tools, colour resource, tips... (There's also a list of CL tools)


keywords: Inspiration, Interpretation,Challenges,game,fun,test,Linking Stuff,Experiments,Bits & Odds..


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This is a similar challenge as Cx3 except the colour is randomly generated by anyone, a new coulor can be submitted everyday and IF words are encourage to be used as inspiration.

1) Use the random color
The latest random color is the last submitted color to this group thread
Optional but advised, you can also

> Add the IFRC tag - so this may show up in the group highlights and on my page - to all palettes and patterns using the RC color( because tags enable to search & sort RC palettes)
This even if you create a pattern using someone else's RC palette.

Tag input areas are available in all editors (click image view in big -if you can't see the image try this one)
Again: Only items tagged IFRC will be used for the group highlights & special gallery

> Add the IFRC badge, you can find the badge code on the color page of the day - This badge contains all the important links you may need - eg: Clicking on date leads to the RC of this group thread

> Post the palette badge to the group page (screenshot of where to get the palette badge)

Late submissions can be submitted here and tagged ANYRC + the other tags (tags are comma separated)

EDIT: The games continues on a new page for 2011! <-click


Any member can submit a new color every 24h CTS - starting from 00:01 CTS
Time is calculated according to CST time, this clock:


& &dataTextFieldStyle=


& &timeTextFieldStyle=


& &clock_type=digital& &clock_sound=false& &imagearray=& &time_style=12& " />
Panama, Chicago are CTS - see time in Chicago)
What Time is CTS for me?
Here's a world map with time zones: TimeTicker - in the bottom right menu select U.S.A./Central U.S.A.

1) First check to see if someone has all ready grabbed a daily color - day starts at 00:00 to 23:59

2A) If there's a color - too late! Try again tomorrow!

2B ) If there's no colour, go grab a random color. For example here: kColors ( or any color generator - see more below)

Get the HEX code's color badge and paste it in the group thread - straight away before you create your palette or else others may submit an other one. (see how to get the badge below)

- If the colour is yours, please also try to tag it IFRC

- If 2 colours are submitted at the same time, like it happened here, it's the first posted comment that counts.

- If a colour is posted too early, it's considered non valid


Making the badge and suggesting an image are optional.
But you are welcome to do it!
See how to update the IF badge code
It's is advised to upload a copy of the image here
See how to download an image and upload it here at CL


Very quickly it turns out that colour names are important - try to name the colour with an inspiring name - if the random color you fell on already exists but does not have an interesting, inspiring name, try getting a free color by changing the last letter of the hex code.
Also please avoid controversial names & delicate subjects such as politics and religion

Thank you!
This palette is part of the Daily Random Colour Challenge
You are welcome to join, see more about it here

Today 26 July, the RC color is #820F00


EDIT: 2/03/2011


This is part of the Daily Random Colour Challenge.
Monday 26th July 2010, the colour is :

comegored HEX: #820F00 RGB: 130/15/0


27th July color is HEX: #4D4B78 RGB: 77/75/120
(I think kColors is maybe better - I only loaded one square so I can't see any other tempting colors but it requires to read the notice to use it...)

Edit 2/03/2011


This is part of the Daily Random Colour Challenge.Tuesday 27th July 2010, the colour is :

Random Color RC07/27 HEX: #4D4B78 RGB: 77/75/120


Prax you forgot the width! - in the code just add a 'w' after the p , where it goes ... /p/ ... => .../pw/...

So what does everybody think?
The idea is that as long as people play the group is active - the admin can go on holiday, quit... the group can revive anytime by it's self. =P
Oh well, time will tell...
Funny game, thank you for the invitation! :)
Here's mine!

Do you want the RC [RC] this way for search purposes?
Prax you forgot the width! - in the code just add a 'w' after the p , where it goes ... /p/ ... => .../pw/...

(When you say I forgot the width, I'm not sure what you mean...? Copaso briefly ate the widths on this one last night, which probably translated to the badge as well.)

I think it's brilliantly set up, for the record; I think the DiY/clock is a brilliant idea. :)
The other thing I've often wondered about games, is whether it would be worth creating a code snippet with the 'official' game blurb, with links, invite, etc, for players to paste into their palette details pane, to bring more players in...?


This is part of the Daily Random Colour Challenge

Wednesday 28th July 2010, the colour is :

Skyblue HEX: #88B0E0 RGB: 136/176/224


Your blurb is fantastic. :) (And I'm always happy to help with graphics, should you desire.)
This palette is part of the Daily Random Colour Challenge
You are welcome to join, see more about it here

Today's colour is


This palette is part of the Daily Random Colour Challenge
You are welcome to join, see more about it here

Today's colour 29 July 2010 is HEX: #5EFCB7

This color reminds me of my famous Kryptonic Super Glue, so reloaded =)
Todays Color
Random Color 7-30
HEX: #19FF7A RGB: 25/255/122


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