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I love your orgasm palette - badged it at "All about ehs ee ex!"
awesome palettes!
absolute wonderous palettes!
wow! i realy love tour palettes!!
Gruesse zurueck und eine gesundes neues Jahr.

PS: Deine Shut down Palette ist so genial wie sie einfach - kann mir zwar nicht vorstellen sie im web oder print einzusetzen aber sie passt perfekt zum namen.
I know cookii, I almost made the same mistake as well. Vanni, it's great to see your colours!
apbhh i know why i hadnt spotted you before! im too used to seeing vaneea called vanny that i just assumed your palettes were hers. im sorry -_-
hey there! youve got gorgeous colors here.. love your palettes! ♥♥♥
i'm quite impressed with the 77 colors you've submitted thus far. very amazing hues and tones. i dig. .♥.
hi there! nice colours and palettes!

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