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so cal


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you gotta fight...for your be colour'd! :-D Lovely palettes Nifty song, too. Who's singing it???
Happy Holidays!! =D

Christmas Wrapping
Merry Christmas *
great portfolio! and palettes as well! ;)
Colors' therapeutic, doncha think?
it is one of my favorites too. rice cooker? now that's impressive.
Awesome palettes! Also checked out some of your design work on your site, highly impressive stuff! And thanks for the love!
Hey man, in reply to your question:

That 745 logo was going to be my freelance identity back in the day, when graphic design was my life and passion (at which time I had loads of work online).

Now I work full time in a design studio and only design for money, I also felt that my whole "passion for design" and showing my work off was simply driven by my huge ego. So I removed it all.

Enjoy your day mate
love your palettes, nice url too.
hehe, thanks a lot for approving me ;) i've seen your URL and I like it very much

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