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for the love's, fav's or used my work to give it a fresh new outlook. Unfortunately I only have the net for under an hr now and wont have time to thank each one of you individually.
Hello, Paisley.
Mesaage Darius (Colourlover) directly and he will take care of it for you. Usually he replies pretty quickly. :)

mrpaisley wrote:
I had a previous account. I did a password change and the new password assigned by Colourlover never worked, permanently locking me out. So I created this account. I recently requested the staff's assistance in merging my accounts or at least let me gain access to my previous account, it has a lot of work on it, including things such as my personal photo and a poem I wrote. I made my request messaging them through their face book page. THEY NEVER RESPONDED!
I strongly suspect they make money off of what we all do here!
Thank you for the appreciation

Thank you for the wonderful palette and wishes. Have fun and enjoy your holiday!
and thanks for the loves!
I've always loved Christmas Art, Design, Decorations. All of it. I even Christmas wrapping papered an entire dresser once. So I just want to say that everyone really turned it out with their expressive holiday Art. Each one I viewed, I smiled as I realized the Artist was sharing their own personal rendition of Christmas, the Holidays and the Season.
This is my first Christmas on ColourLovers and I have greatly enjoyed the ColourLovers Holiday show. Thanks for all your contributions.. Everyone have a Safe and Happy Holiday********PEACE*********
Thank you for following!
Hi: Thank you for your positive feedback about my tree. I`m very glad you liked it, it,s always a pleasure to meet nice people here in Cl. Have a lovely day.
Thanks very much!
Thanks :)
Thanks for the kind comments on my Polyvore creations! :)
mrpaisley wrote:
Thanks for your kind love&fave.
I love your profile pic, along with
''The way I see it" "Happy Christmas" "Drawn to scale"

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