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Thank you!

Thanks for the love!

Thank you for the love!

Yes, I read the same as you and I think, this will happen. There is only a slight delay.

I know the answer for your second question, but if I tell you and you leave us, I I'll be mad at myself. Garlin75, the system isn't perfect. We experienced more times, last occured on the previous contest. That was practically hacked by someone.

There are major anomalies than request a vote from family members. I can sign up and vote for myself no matter how many times.

I remember much pain and sadness after the last contest.

When I first saw the announcement, I hesitated to enter or not. When I decided to send entries, I expected to be frustrated in the end. Finally I'm the only one who hasn't reason to be frustrated.

We can protest for change the system. We can brainstorm. For example I can imagine that votes will be accepted only from accounts that existed before the announcement of the contest.

I really understand you, I felt the same last year. However, please, don't hurry and leave us without your creations. They are very valuable, for me, at least. If you delete your works, we all will be losers of the situation.

There are many opened tabs in my browser with your works, I want archive them to myself, unfortunately, I have to go now. I'm going to do something for years, I couldn't do it. Yesterday I decided to do it today.

I will be very sad if I will arrive at home and I won't find your kind artworks here. I want to see them (and save my favorites to my desktop for background on my PC). I want to say hello. Please, don't do this.

We can change the source of our unpleasant feelings, we don't need stop our whole friendship.

I wish you better feelings and have a nice day, I hope to see each other after finishing my tasks.

Sorry for my English, I'm practicing. :-)
Thanks for the love and fave on my pattern template! :)
Thank you!

Thank you very much :)
Thanks so much! :)

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