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Maurie on Love Of Country
"Give her of the fruit of her hands, and let her o…
Maurie on Golden Issues
A stunning Palette and a GOLDEN Pattern!! I don't …
Maurie on Delicata in Rose
I absolutely agree with your Title. And the touch …
stormbattereddragon on forgotten
I enjoy your templates so much! thank you for thi…
a.f.zamosa on set me free
yes. set me free most definitely.
Maurie on ***
This is the softest, cleanest and most prettiest P…
a.f.zamosa on Gleeful Love
There's something about this one that just brings …
a.f.zamosa on You Did, WHAT!?
I plead the 5th.
a.f.zamosa on Reid Redhead
oh, those redheads. will always get you in trouble…
a.f.zamosa on Raspberry Rumble
I love all your titles! so original, and yes, ver…


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