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southpaws on Gray Pride
Yes. ;D Love gray pride.
PrincessFlammable on Chain Stripe
Literally the same as the pattern I made(from whic…
southpaws on transiberianism.
Oh please. OrigamiMei wrote: If I think it, it ha…
Ifihadapaintcan on Steampink Town
You should serious do this in Martini, too. That's…
Ifihadapaintcan on Golden Voice
Beautiful! Xia found this for me.
Ifihadapaintcan on Firefly Cult
Oh! I see where the name came from now! Why am I …
Ifihadapaintcan on Voice of Firefly
Truly beautiful. No joke.
Ifihadapaintcan on The Thick Edge
You broke into the top 200 for the day! Way to go!…


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