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Seahorse Girl on Nerds Do It Best
RC1970This is part of the Daily Random Colour Chal…
zlaughingdog on Omniscient
Love this, so cool! Thank you for sharing :)
zlaughingdog on King of the Tree
So delightful :)
YersiniaP on Purity
So pretty! These flowers look like tufts of whippe…
StarrBright on Plains
How are you doing, our friend? Has the creek along…
YersiniaP on Tasteful Bouquet
Why is this not loved more? This is absolutely bea…
YersiniaP on Stylized
So elegant! This would look amazing on silk!
wantitall on I love music
I really love you pattern.
YersiniaP on Horse Tears
For some reason, I find that name hilarious... :O …


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