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Guardian_Angel on paralo2
Same. I just started about fifteen minutes ago. ^-…
Guardian_Angel on paralo2
This is actually really good!
MR.Nate on *
That looks really pretty.
dqvn on polished jade nugget
Really love that color of jade, do you have color …
dqvn on Moonstones
omg this is exactly the beautiful color of moonsto…
Topbear on chevron
Ohh nice! I love a good chevron :)
dqvn on Oh Amethyst
beautiful purple of amethyst, this is the natural …
dqvn on Ametrine and Jasper
In love with the yellow of ametrine and the red pu…
dqvn on Emerald Coast
Wow its really great, love the color of emerald an…
dqvn on Washed Up
it looks like the coler of amazonite gemstone, rea…


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