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rahkzanah on I do not understand
extraterestrial human race
rahkzanah on I know your game
uimeste-ma de-a ce mama mortilor matii ar trebui s…
rahkzanah on Never Will
bai nene macar sunteti sinceri si nu insistati cu …
rahkzanah on I n s i d e
the cage forever in never escape thios hell
rahkzanah on I saw U in my dreams
nuti cred nici un joc de a universu si strainiiiii…
rahkzanah on I shall never forget
nu retin ? ce mortii matii sa retin ??????????????…
albenaj on Albena (APC#575)
(*_*) blushes* Worf Thaddeus wrote: How can it not…
rahkzanah on I told you to go
sami iau bataie d la scarbele tale de prieteni sa-…
rahkzanah on I will forever seek
si paia si pe fracsu...... si pe tine c drc v-a fa…


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