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sunshinewaterrider on Lil Lions
This is so cute!~ They look like little robot lion…
Gaara1226 on Random Patterns
you made dis!? I can't make patterns as good as yo…
Gaara1226 on Zany Patterns
oh gosh too bright XD
MarieLoup on Jazmin
Beautiful! Thank you for using this palette :-)
ppkmd on Glamourppuss
Crazy, crazy, merci Mlle Blu!
Gaara1226 on Look At Me
A-aww cute!!!!
Gaara1226 on Rain
dis is good for your first time :3...don't look at…
sundancer on Collete
WOW!!! Beautiful!
trueintrovert on Look At Me
MarieLoup wrote: Ha! This is too cool for school,…
LittleMissWitch on Choco Strawberries
I LOVE this color palette! I could see it working …


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