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Trixxie on Opposing Neutral
SaWheet, Kalindy! :)
Wordofmouse on Tornado Alley
Oooh, love this colour! gREAT NAME ♥
OrigamiMei on Have A Good Cry
I guess I don't understand what additional resourc…
Worf Thaddeus on Have A Good Cry
Albena sweetheart, I feel your pain; we know licor…
bhsav on Tooth Pain!
Perfect! LOL
Lovely Lakes on Spumoni RC
A color penny tip
Rebyleelee on Matthew Williams
Mathew Williams! I love it! How many people will u…
albenaj on Have A Good Cry
Hey love you too.It just feels like that,like a be…
southpaws on Have A Good Cry
Albena, if you left that would be the true tragedy…
OrigamiMei on Have A Good Cry
Nooo. Please don't go! We need you and we love you…


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