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Lovers Peek

FlipTurner on The Jellyfish Gang
Ooh, Britian is still beautiful from what ive hear…
kitsunecake on eveninglight
This is so pretty and so amazing i would like to l…
pyxxichaos on 3hand4fingerblossom
thanks for using my palette :)
FlipTurner on The Jellyfish Gang
Theyre cute and dangerous x3 except moon jellies, …
FlipTurner on The Jellyfish Gang
Eee! this is fantasmic!~ i adore jellyfish ^o^ the…
MuseOfMusic on 164 30th St.
dazzlement wrote: Thanks for that! :D MuseOfMusic …
FlipTurner on Mysterious Ways
No problem!~ i love gears and mazes!~ c:
FlipTurner on Zenith
I absolutely adooore this palette!~~ looking at it…
FlipTurner on Ruby and Sapphire
you are certainly the pokemon sempai! all i did wa…


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