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stormbattereddragon on My Friend Storm
It is beautiful and I just love it! I think you ar…
Shy_Violet on vibrancy
Like, I wanna tell you how much this blows me away…
Shy_Violet on The Prize
stormbattereddragon on Let's Party!
so bright and exciting!
Shy_Violet on Luminea
WWWWOOOOWWWWWW!!!!!! You have a damn amazing brain…
BucyrusBusyBees on secretive
Thank you for the praise, and I love it soft and t…
sundancer on Odd or Even
These are sisters
stormbattereddragon on Old Gilded Endsheets
Yes! That is the pattern I was imagining, the one…
lynnMaxwell on Purple Flowers
Very beautiful pattern and pallet. It's so pretty.
lynnMaxwell on rositha mexicano
Beautiful color. I love it.


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