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SummerSolsticeGirl on The Angel Conundrum
This really made my day! Thank you :) Skyblue2u w…
SummerSolsticeGirl on Angels on a Pinhead?
Why, thank you so much. Coming from you, it meas a…
SummerSolsticeGirl on SummerSolsticeGirl *
I... can't even... gorgeous! So sweet of you, than…
Ifihadapaintcan on mandala (test)
Oh, good lands! That is a lot. That gives you a lo…
Skyblue2u on Fiesta Ware
The colors in your pattern are great and the title…
MuseOfMusic on mandala (test)
Ifihadapaintcan wrote: Thanks again! I like to loo…
SummerSolsticeGirl on here for you
I just had to put them together. So gorgeous, both…
Skyblue2u on Summer Dreams
Absolutely lovely


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