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Lovers Peek

Shy_Violet on Butterfly Mania
So, so pretty
iliwud on Mr. Magorium
Nice one :)
Mojie on Winter Raspberry*
A color penny tip... Love the palette! :)
iliwud on Vegas
Wonderful :)
iliwud on queen of glow worms
Rocking it with these colours :)
iliwud on Men in Tuxedos
Gorgeous colours :)
deci belle on coffeelicious
I want one juuuust like mr beau-licious!!❤︎❤︎ I za…
Sukiro on Toronto June28 2015
We have a winner ♥ Beautiful!
Lovely Lakes on Calm Flush
3 Above, 2 Below 3 from 2 from Result:
Noverset on space dust
I have not seen a palette using these colours befo…


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