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HelaLaine on { bamboo }
Oh wow, this looks great! Thanks for using my pale…
Trixxie on Sparkle stripe
Fabulous, Sue!
SuezQ on bw973
I was looking at architecture in Barcelona, on Pin…
dhzuehlke on Can't Breathe
No worries. I figured if you*really* couldn't brea…
SuezQ on bb1
Ahhhhh....can't believe I've missed seeing these!!…
SuezQ on Sakura
Always gorgeous, Dawn...(:
SuezQ on a&d622
<3 <3 <3 !!!! (:
dhzuehlke on 3 scoops please
As hot as it is today, all 3 scoops would melt an…
dhzuehlke on To Experience
To Experience.. . . ching! ching! : )


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