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1335sj on Richly Deserved
kyriekaimei on R e b i r t h
This is so stunning!
10Doctorwho on Dagger of the Mind
Absolutely stunning Worf :)
10Doctorwho on R e b i r t h
This is gorgeous
10Doctorwho on Αρχαία Ελλάδα
This is an amazing pattern. Beautiful work
twister on Earthquake In Nepal
beautiful word-search palette--extra love!♥♥♥
kotomi-chan on ornate.654c
I don't know what to write - it's just stunning.
sife on Fly Like A Feather
sehr schön:)
Andrea C on → 2015-272 b
Fabulous Anonymuse - not a surprise to me! Yet an…


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