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its huw beautiful things re in d world
yea you can see the beauty in things through a nother persone
:)adaobiberry wrote:
its huw beautiful things re in d world
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angel miri
angel miri
Just lost two patterns because the filter was tripped on the words 'shiny' and 'shine' which are not swear words so why?

The first pattern was a really good one as well so I'm upset that I lost it. On my brief visits back to the site this keeps happening. When good patterns or shades are a matter of luck as they so often are, and as I don't note down the exact hex code good colours and patterns are like quicksilver they are lost in an eyeblink

It's really unfair to lose good colours and patterns like this. And the filter trips on words that are perfectly innocent as well! Guess I'm leaving the site again
angel miri
angel miri
Because the swear filter doesn't like the words 'shine' or 'shint' which are not swear words when last I looked. The first pattern that had the word 'shine' in the title was a really good one as well and I'm seriously bummed that I lost it

IF you trip the swear filter you lose the pattern, this is really unfair! You hit the back button and it takes you back to the monochrome pattern page. This isn't the first time I've had this problem on my brief visits back to the site.

Guess I'm going to disappear again. We should not be losing good work like this. And why does the swear filter catch words that aren't even swears? Bizarre.
13 hours ago
BleepColor by COLOURlovers
next - Dappled Light
6 days ago

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