Be My Valentine, Color + Group Feature: Valentine Template Challenge

Happy Valentines Day! Our community has created and named millions of user-named colors that help us create, innovate, and celebrate the joy of color itself.

Some of the “most loved” include “"dutch_teal"
Color by COLOURlovers” target=”_blank”>Dutch Teal” by Skyblue2u, “Haunted milk” by alpen, “Vitamin C” by GreenLantern, “Chartreuse” by oeln, and “Juicy Pink” by MetteBB. It is almost too obvious to say that WE LOVE COLOR!

Color is infused into every aspect of our lives, especially those in our color bubble, so we thought it was time to devote a big Valentine to Color itself! Although we couldn’t include all the colors in the rainbow, here are some colors that really touch our hearts on Valentine’s Day.

We can’t overlook the “color of the year”— This vivacious color is the epitome of energy and warmth, giving us a little energy boost with just a glance, and with sunset hues that bring warmth to the soul.

While you are saying “I love you” to the ones that are dearest to your heart, leave a little thought for your favorite colors, too. There are so many to pick from in every tint and hue.

So, here’s to all of the colors that we love, “Happy Valentine’s Day, we love you COLOR!

Group Feature: Valentine Template Challenge

Group leaders, o2bqueen and rubyvillasenor, put together this fun group specifically for Valentines Day. They started this challenge last year and decided to do it again. The challenge starts the week before and ends on February 14th at which point five finalist/winners are picked to showcase in order (listed below).

Twenty-nine participants submitted more than 60 templates. The designers’ experience ranged from “old pro” to newbie. Their creations covered the spectrum—cute, clever, sweet, funny, gorgeous, intricate, intriguing, amazing, and more.

#1: symeaBe Mine


#2: anonymuseseen at Brighton’s

#3: sunmeadow — with all my heart

#4: Topbear — Heart Felt

#5: LillyPrap — Molly’s Lovebugs

This is the second annual challenge for the group, Valentine Template Challenge. If you didn’t know about it, well then head on over and join to get notified next year when it starts.  In addition, Linda and Ruby are heading off a St. Patty’s Day – Shamrock Challenge for March.

Hats off to these two wonderful COLOURlovers for organizing and managing some template fun!! You too can be a part of these challenges using either Seamless Studio OR Seamless Lite.

Author: Molly Bermea
Hi! I'm the COLOURlovers Community Curator. I come from a family with five imaginative kids. My mom instilled creativity to the max and you can usually find us scheming together, figuring out new ways to sew, craft or build DIY projects. The core of my artistic bone is in the art of painting.