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COLOURlovers™ is an international community of designers and artists of all kinds who visit the site to get color inspiration, ideas and feedback for both their professional and personal projects. COLOURlovers’ loyal members create colors, palettes and patterns to nurture their ongoing love affair with color. They join color-inspired groups and forums and share the love by commenting on their favorite creations. The COLOURlovers blog fuels the world’s online discussion of color with its entertaining posts on color trends and news, including interviews.

Members have created Colors, Palettes and Patterns.

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The COLOURlovers Team

Darius A Monsef IV (COLOURlover)

Darius A. Monsef IV – President

Favorite Color – Ego

Darius wants the whole world to find color enlightenment.

Darius started COLOURlovers after an uninspired class on color theory left him searching for an online community to explore color. He never found it. So he built it.

Darius is an Internet Astronaut, recovering web designer/coder and one-time student of fashion design and business. He’s a creative consultant, lover of social media and former community organizer for Microsoft’s Photosynth software.

He’s also the co-founder of the disaster relief non-profit Hands On Disaster Response (HODR) and has spent more than 11 months living in disaster zones around the world.

Darius lives in Portland, but can be found roaming around the globe.

Aaron Epstein (aepstein)

Aaron Epstein – V.P. of Product

Favorite Color – Out to Sea

Aaron started ColorSchemer in his dorm room in 2000, and quickly found that he wouldn’t have to get a job working for “the man” as long as people enjoyed using his software.

Nearly a decade later, he (and ColorSchemer) joined the COLOURlovers family, and now focuses on creating the best software and products for the CL community and beyond.

Aaron lives in New York City with his wife Lynda and puppy Chloe, but can usually be found between DC, San Francisco and New York.

Chris Williams (PureForm)

Chris Williams – V.P. of Technology

Favorite Color – Hrvatsko nebo

Chris is the man behind the virtual curtain.

Chris’ passion for web development started years ago when he picked up some HTML to build his band’s website. He’s since developed a slew of websites and the entire architecture behind COLOURlovers.

As a kid, Chris would constantly take things apart to see how they worked – and then put them back together. He was something of a teacher’s pet in math and science, and he believes working with computers was his professional destiny.

In what little free time Chris has, you’ll find him learning new languages or programming methods and occasionally fragging n00bs on CoD4. Chris also loves playing and creating music, playing with his basset hound, microelectronics, tea, good wine and good company.

He lives in Portland.

David Sommers (evad)

David Sommers – Blog Editor-in-Chief

Favorite Color – U!S!A!

David keeps the color ideas and inspiration flowing.

David shares color trends and inspiration with all COLOURlovers via our Color + Design Blog. His thoughtful posts fuel the world’s online discussion of color.

When he’s not immersed in color, you may find David working on a creative project with The Post Family, a Chicago-based art blog/artist collective/gallery/print shop.

David is fascinated with culture and discoveries about the underlying essence of human nature and the natural world.

He lives in Chicago and has a B.S. in marketing from the Eli Broad College of Business at Michigan State University.

Feel free to contact David with amazing blog ideas.


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They have made COLOURlovers the largest online community dedicated to color and the largest online collection of color palettes and patterns… all while nurturing one of the most welcoming, supportive and inspiring groups of people be a part of. We’ve been honored as a three time Webby nominee for Best Community Website… join in and start sharing the love.

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