Geometric Home Design Elements of Simon Page

The designs of Simon Page take us back to basics, to the literal building blocks of good design: geometric shapes. Page, a London-based graphic designer, is all about creating a visual experience that stimulates the emotions. His philosophy is “Good Design Excites.” And you’ll be surprised how exciting circles and squares can get after Page is done with them!

Though all of his designs jump-off from basic geometric shapes, his work gets more sophisticated as he layers on his color palette, cuts and rearranges the shapes in the frame, and develops unexpected patterns and textures. In the words of one commenter, he creates work that “you can get lost in – they are busy, but somehow calming at the same time.

Geometric Cushion Designs

At first glance, the design covering this pillow seemed to have sequins on it, but on second glance, this is illusion created by bold color choices and the juxtapositions.

The same type of visual tricks follow in his other four pillow designs, which would make a striking focal point in any living room.

Geometric Cushion Designs; Limited edition series by Simon C Page on Behance.

Geometric Retro Grunge

Through repetition, these shape & color combos develop a mesmerizing rhythm that harkens back to the psychedelic patterns of the 70’s. Some of these might make you a bit cross-eyed if you stare too long – even so, they’d make fantastic desktop backgrounds.

Geometric Retro Grunge; 2011 Prints by Simon C Page on Behance

CUBEN 2010

These prints showcase parallelograms, triangles and other angular shapes, each with carefully chosen hues to create patterns that undulate, causing the same “visual riddles” that carry through all his worth. The last few in the set escalate his technique, frenetically layering shape on top of shape for an even more intense visual experience.

CUBEN 2010 by Simon C Page on Behance

How do you react to the way Page combines colors, shapes, and patterns?

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