COLOURlovers Interview with Gabrielle of Design Mom, Kirsty & Altitude Summit

We are touching base with one very busy girl today! Not only has she built up a successful blog, a new company and one of the coolest new design conferences out there, she has done so while having a family of 6 kids! Truly an inspiration.

One of her newest endeavors, Altitude Summit, has become of those must-attend conferences for bloggers, designers and artists of all sorts. If you haven’t heard of Altitude Design Summit yet, you will soon. The panel of speakers are of the top talent out there, including the co-founder of Pinterest, Ben Silbermann, Editor-In-Chief of Martha Stewart Living, Pilar Guzmán, and a lifestyle and art editor at Chronicle Books, Kate Woodrow.

Let’s get to chatting with Gabrielle Blair  and see if we can find out how she balances everything, how she gains inspiration and more.

Q: First up, why don’t you tell the community a bit about who you are, what you do, how long you have been doing it, and your background. 

A: I’m a former art director kept inspired by a blog called Design Mom, an ever-evolving site named Kirtsy, and a founder of Altitude Design Summit, which has turned into the annual place-to-be for some of the most talented bloggers, designers, and artists I’ve ever met. In my spare time, I’m a wife to Ben Blair and mom to six of my favorite children in the world — Ralph, Maude, Olive, Oscar, Betty & June!

Source: DM family photo a: Photo by Blue Lily Photography

Q: What past experiences do you think have contributed the most to where you are now?

A: Some of the best things in my life have happened because of shared ideas. Whether we’re talking about family or our careers or good design, brilliant collaborations are priceless.

Q: What colors do you think we will see a lot of in 2012?

A: I’m already seeing sharp bursts of orange, from clementine to caution and even sherbet. It’s more of a neutral in all of its shades than I once imagined.

Source: DM dinosaur designs: via Dinosaur Designs, DM orange hair: via Lady Gaga

Q: What patterns and trends do you think will be big in 2012?
A: Remember that I’ve been living in the French countryside for the past year, so I see a lot of classic colors: black, charcoal, and deep navy, gorgeous accents in camel and red, with a Burberry plaid here and an Hermès print there! I find the old-school European consistency so refreshing.

Source: DM hermes: Photo by Candace Meyer Photography via Obakki

Q: Which colors, patterns & trends are you personally most excited about?

A: At the time of this writing it is winter, which is usually when I’m visually drawn to color combinations and patterns that shake my senses a little. Right now, I’m smiling at Chloé’s genius color-blocking, Dinosaur Designs’ latest collection, and the startling chevron used by Edie Parker.

Source: DM edie parker: via Edie Parker

Q: What is your favorite website or app right now?

A: Pinterest has stolen many an hour from me and probably the rest of your readers, but I’m also fond of all the behind-the-curtain sites like The GlowCloset Visit, and everything Selby.

Q: When decorating your home, what are the top three colors you turn to for the space? What is your favorite paint color?

A: My answer depends on the light inside each house! I have a feature on Design Mom called Living with Kids, where readers share their interiors. Every week, I’m moved to try something new. One week, I’m inspired to paint everything white. The next week, I shift to grays from graphite to a barely-there mist. Lately, I’m very drawn to colors that remind me of ripe, juicy fruit for accessories and textiles: raspberry, blueberry – especially when it’s paired with turquoise – and the color hiding inside kiwis.

Source: DM craft room: via Design Mom

Q: What’s the best home design-related advice you’ve ever received?

A: Take your time. Collect with care. Some of the most stylish homes I’ve seen are also the most well-edited.

Source: DM the glow: Photo of Cynthia Rowley’s pool via The Glow

Q: When you are feeling stumped, where do you turn for inspiration?

A: If I can’t get outside, I just start wandering around online! There’s a staggering amount of inspiration out there, and I haven’t gotten to the last page yet!

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