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Wedding Color Scheme Advice!

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Hi, y'all! This is my first post, so please bear with me!

I am getting married in May 2012 at this venue (Union League) in downtown Philadelphia.

Before I knew the venue of my wedding, I had pretty much nailed down my colors. My absolute most favorite color is green and I want to use a clover-like green as my main/accent color. My dress will be an off-white/ivory (definitely NOT pure white! I don't have the dress yet, but I know that I really love the ivory dresses I've seen) so I want to incorporate that in my palette as well. Lastly, since my wedding is in the spring, I think it is appropriate to add a pink-ish color to the mix for other accents, decorations, flowers, etc. - plus it goes great with the clover green! Then, after looking at hundreds of green/clover bridesmaid dresses, I came to terms with the fact that I can't deal with finding the perfect green color for my 'maids and really prefer a dark grey (a cool grey - with blue undertones - rather than a warm grey) and a light grey to top it all off.

Here's what I've come up with so far:

It is rough, but I really like it so far! I'd LOVE any feedback or revisions from y'all. Also, should I try to be working with Pantone colors or Spot colors? Advice on that?

The biggest problem, I think, has to do with my venue. The Union League of Philadelphia (as I mentioned with a link above) is an extremely old building and its colors are dark and earthy. It exudes patriotism with red, white and blue pretty much everywhere. The outside is brick and the ballroom is very brown and wood-y. Pictures below...

Does this make my theme/color palette obsolete? As much as I don't want to start over, I feel like my colors will be VERY strange in this space. I don't think my parents are willing to pay for a whole bunch of draping and large ticket items that would help cover up/mask the original space. Again, any advice on this would be IMMENSELY appreciated. I'm stuck!!

Union League Outside Front
Union League Indoor Ballroom View 1
Union League Indoor Ballroom View 2

Lastly, if any of you are still reading :), does anyone have any ideas for a theme using the original colors I mentioned above (or new colors, if applicable)? What I mean by theme is, like a pattern or image or iconic representation of the wedding that I can try to incorporate throughout the wedding (including save the date notices, invitations, decorations, place settings, table numbers, etc.). I am trying to come up with something but I can't settle on any one thing because of the venue being such a drastic contrast to my original color palette. I could do something iconic from Philadelphia (like the Love Statue or the Liberty Bell, etc.) but I'm not a graphic designer and I just want people to bounce ideas off of each other and hopefully I'll find some inspiration!!

Thanks in advance to those of you who put up with my long post and took the time and energy to help me!
Congratulations on your engagement!!!

I am no expert, but I often give my 2-cents anyway ; )

Here are my thoughts:

My absolute 100% first piece of advice is that you DO WHAT YOU LOVE. If you like it, go with it. This is you and your fiance's special day.

My second advice is to RELAX. You won't get it all perfect, but that is okay. Your relationship is the top priority. All the details will fall into place around that.

One site I absolutely love to look at for the gorgeous wedding inspiration is http://www.elizabethannedesigns.com/blog/category/inspiration-boards/
A good one (green and light aqua which kind of has a gray-ish quality to it) is here

In my opinion, you should not worry too greatly about the "backdrop" of your venue. It is just a building. It definitely should not make you change a color scheme you love. What will tie it all together is the look of the bridal party's clothing, the place settings, and the wedding decor (flowers, ect.) .Be sure to check with your venue about what linens are available. Perhaps using ivory table cloths will tone everything down that doesn't play into your color scheme.

I actually think the grays you have chosen coordinate well will the venue, and so will really help integrate your wedding with its surroundings. Blue goes great with gray as well, especially since you are using a cool gray.

An ivory gown- lovely. Your gown, however, should be chosen to compliment your skin tone. If you instinctively like ivory, it may very well be the white for you, but if you want to be sure, check out these sites (also, the bridal shop should know how to assist you)

There are a lot of sites because I think the topic is fascinating. Maybe you will get into dressing by your "best colors", too! However, I would caution you to not worry overly much about whether the colors you want for your wedding color palette "match" your season because, as I said, it is what you love. An all-white wedding dress can make a big difference, though, so that is why I mention it. Also, a green sash with your gown sounds very sweet : )

As far as a theme, I would really suggest you talk with your fiance and come up with something you both love. That will make it personal. If you want to do something about Philadelphia, that is great, but only if it says something about you as a couple. Another idea is to actually do clovers to go with your clover-green. You can actually get potted clover, which could dress up the tables.

Also about clover, the flower of a clover is a pinkish-purple. Maybe you could use that as your accent color?
Pictures of clover

(Sorry I don't know how to stick pictures in this, or I would)

So basically, your desired color palette is

Sounds lovely.

I like the green from "lighter side of it" that was made for you

Of course, the palette you made is very nice as well. I will try to work on something as well and get back with you. This is just the sort of challenge I love.

One more piece of advice, you can really save a lot by asking your florist what flowers will be in season in May in your area and ordering accordingly. Some flowers are pretty inexpensive all year round, like carnations. Get more floral bang for your buck, I say. You could always do the "modern thing" and use non flower things (twigs, grasses, who knows what else a creative person can come up with. . .) but I am a committed wedding flower person.

A great idea for a spring wedding is to use flowers like tulips, daffodils, and irises, if they will work for you. An especially good idea is to use forced bulbs. Table decoration, favor, and/or new house decorations all in one! You could really get creative with the pots/containers.

That's all for now.

May your wedding and new life together be very blessed!

Lol. When I was just brainstorming about gray and clover (in particular red clover that has that pinkish-purple hue), I couldn't help thinking of Thumper from the movie Bambi, when he has his mouth open wide over a big pink clover flower. *chuckles* Couldn't find a picture online, though. Hopefully you know what I'm talking about and I'm not just sounding like a crazy person here.
A Continuum Of Clovers


From an actual clover picture. . .because I just discovered there is such a thing as "photocopa".

This is closest to your chosen color because it is a bit muted and "earthy"

Is there a certain one you really like? Or do you still like the original one from your palette best?
Colors from the red clover flower. . .though they lean more towards purple than pink, so if a true pink is what you really want, this probably isn't the best option

All right, I worked on a few things. I hope you are not overwhelmed with the sheer volume of my posts here LOL. I tend to get a bit carried away.

Here are some palettes (check them out, as they have inspiration pictures, which I don't know how to load in here.)









(just figuring out how to insert pictures)
Table and decoration color scheme options




Alicia's obsessive collection of clover-themed patterns, in which she goes a little overboard, especially as you have not indicated that you even WANT a clover theme.

My Favorite


Whew! That's all. . .for now. . . . . . . .
Alicialoveslife wrote:
Again, sorry the pictures are so massive, I have not mastered the technique of knowing what I am doing with HTML, or any such thing yet.

I resized them for you :-)
Wow Alicia! You really helped me out a lot. I have gone through almost all of your links and they have been extraordinarily useful. I can't thank you enough for all of your time and effort. I will keep you posted on the wedding updates!
I like the dark grays that have been tossed around in this thread much more than the original proposed gray. It really helps offer some contrast and tie everything together. Congratulations on your impending nuptials!

here is something I've come up with based on the photos and reading your description and from the images. Luckily green and blue work amazingly well together. When I think clover green I think of a kelly green, and that is what I've utilized here.

Also a Google search turned up the following:
Green/pink/blue weddings
If the image doesn't show up the palette is named opdeebee
Sorry I missed ya'll! Thanks for the kind words, Opdeebee. I will hold you to those updates! I had a lot of fun working on this. Stephanie_rae's palette is this
Nice pinkcolor! 'Course, I love pink, so I might be biased lol.
Belated congratulations! And I like your taste; clover is a gorgeous shade of green.
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