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♥ 400 LOVERS ♥

Here is a special gift for all of those who have given me love, I reached the amazing number of 400 lovers today and have made this pallet as a special gift for all hope you all enjoy.

Thanks for the love on:tango skirts
You are soooo sweet! If I could sew, I would make you a dress in a heartbeat ^_^.
Rouge Ruse
Retro Riot
^_^ YAY glad you like it!!!
O my gosh...I thought I had faved you forever sorry ^_^ Much love!!!
You are such an awesome ColourLove! Thanks for all your gifts to me and for joining in on all my crazy group ideas! ^_^
Think Alike.

Hearts of Darkness
thanks dear! haha! it's a great name - sometimes they just come out of the air. (:
haha, thank you!
melange a trois

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