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Thanks for the love on Mosaic #1 :)
thank you for the love on 'i been doin' circles'!
big thanks on the 'Murky October' love!
hey nice palettes :)

Your site template is rendering funny though...
Hi Webspinner! I'd love to hear the rest of the story :) ... I'll be in touch!

how could I not be interested in someone with similiar name ideas as myself. Webspinner and spiralweb come from different roots however, As a photographer and jewely designer I am fascinated by the formation of spiderwebs and watching them spin and connect such an interesting and perfect shape in terms of both the ideal means and mandelbrot fractal spirals. Long story short.....well, if you want the rest of the story, get in contact with me
hello! welcome! :D kicking start!
Thx for the luv and comment on my "Calvin's Fall Mornin"! Glad I could bring a smile to you on this Friday! :-D

Btw, lovin your work here! ;-)
oh you r the one with snorkeling so let's go surfing with me ! ! !
thanks for liking Summer Night Makeout!!

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