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Thank you! :)
Welcome to CL!
thank you annajak! can you tell I love color?/ I don't know how I lived so long without this site!! I'm in heaven (and completely addicted).
Welcome to CL!!!!
Beautiful stuff here!!
Haha, all right then. I assumed that it had to do with the singer Fergie because I believe she had an album entitled "Fergalicious" or something like that. I loved the palettes anyway. :)
welcome to CL! love your work
thank you leslie! I design dog art and one of my dog artist friends just sent me over here and now I wonder how I ever lived without it!! I have always been able to see colors in my mind, but am horrible (HORRIBLE) at naming them, and now I have tons of colors to use for inspiration AND creative names for them, whoopee!
Hi Gracie,

thanks so much for your props- can you tell I'm addicted already?! the fergalicious palettes are actually named after my dog Fergie, whose nickname is short for her full name- Ferguson. Don't worry- we don't like the singer Fergie either! ;-)

Oh- see if there is a link to the photos of my pup Fergie in the palettes. She is in front of EMP in Seattle- a gorgeous purple wall.
I like winter more. :(

Welcome to CL by the way - loving your creations! (Except I'm not a fan of Fergie. :P)
Thank you!

Tell the Truth.

Lovely colors and palettes ou have so far! You're off to a great start!

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