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I love your profile description! That part about not fashion especially.
Love your playful!!!
Three random reactions to your page
One. I also wish you had a burrito right now in hopes that you might share
Two. You're just like my beloved mom. She never finishes anythi
Three. You made the dbl helix template? You goddess, you.
Oh. Three b. your palettes are gorgeous
Hey Moley mole, I think it's time you make a grand come-back... if only for my benefit because you make such rockin' templates. Reason enough, one would think. :]

Hope you're well. Pockets can get a little precarious this time of year, hey.
Your templates are wonderful.
Meow, pocketmole, I see you have a fondness for small, furry beasties. Well, since I am also one of those beasties, I think we can be good friends! Meow! I could use a wee bit of burrito right now...

(Worf purrs sweetly, hops up on pocketmole's lap, and gives her a big, wet KaT kiss.)
great templates, patterns,....................!
freddie fly wrote:
adorable patterns! are these your illustrations?

Thanks! Yes, I drew each of these in the app before it was possible to introduce outside shapes. Kickin' it old school!
adorable patterns! are these your illustrations?
haha I love your profile description :D

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