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Happy new year ..... LeapSecHappyNwYr2009
Thanks for your love on my color!
As I said I have about 500 more palettes to review.

Will be adding more cream for the alive/dead cat that is you, to drink up, Ms. Phantom.
No worries deary, the cat is neither dead nor alive. Or rather, it is both dead and alive
Thanks for the love on
Don't Be Obnoxious

Hahahaha! You called me old bean-- that in itself is epic!

Quaint, too.

Scienece + ME = Love

thanks for making this group... and for liking my patterns

I have more cream for you little kitty, so lap it up slowly....pace yourself.

I am terrible at tagging things so it may take a while to add.
Ha! Yes, it seems nectarines are not considered important enough to include in the regular shipments to my oil rig... I make due on the figs, bread, and spring water they send... :-P

If it's trigonometry she wants, it's trigonometry she gets!


I'm told often by others that my chromatic taste in mathematics is quite bright by their gauge, so I'm curious how we line up on this one.

Behold, my trigonometry!

An Angular Approach
Well, I live in a predominantly college town, so perhaps they're hard to find because they're not expecting the predominant demographic to have horribly discriminating taste--

that's a purely uneducated guess, but it would explain the absence of many of my favorite things in this town, food and otherwise... hahaha.

And I'm all for anyone who wants to wave the flag for science here-- I'm a student of mathematics and I'm a big believer that mathematics is the other art.
You do some amazing things with color.

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