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Thank you very much for the loves and faves on the following palettes..

Peggy's Shutters
Sexual Glory
Breaking Me
Laced Petals
Finnish Smoke
Warm ♥
Blinded Hugs

You really brighten my day! =)
Tysm for the loves & faves on my "Time" and "Problem" palettes! :)
Well, I keep trying, but I think I'm fighting a losing battle. I think I will forever be a week behind on my notifications. lol So, sorry about being so late, but just know, that I really appreciate all the love you show my creations and I will get back to you... soon...ish. lol :P I hope all has been going well for you and that you've had a great week. =)

Warm Sea
Cue Away
Passion Mask
Light Thunder
Electric Lotus
Spiked Kiss
Sweet Glory
Acadian Chickadee
Thank you for visiting "Rusty" !! (:
Tysm for the loves & faves on these & all the others too! :)
Thank you ever so much for the love on the following palettes...

Reborn Chanel
Carbon Bagel
Dire Cocoa
All Good
Shallow Descent
Winter Nutmeg
Feelin' Love
Bent Lust
Elisa Love
Crazy Together

Sorry I'm so late with my thank you's. =)
Thanks a lot, nappie, and Happy Monday to you! :-)
Have a great week! ~Wendy♡
Hi, Lawrence, how have you been? I hope well. I've been busy and as a result, now I'm super behind on my notifications. So I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. I just want to thank you for all the love you've shown and let you know that I appreciate it SO much. It really means a great deal and getting on here and seeing all the love can really make a bad day seem a lot better and put a smile on my face. =) Thank you.

And since badges are not working for me right now, I'm just going to list them for my sanity. ;P

Darkest March
Half Kiss
Mythical Heroes
Thank you... (:
Tysm for the loves & faves on this & my 10.11.18 palette! :)

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