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Thanks for the follow!
Thank you for all the love as well! Yes, you are probably right about the shapes. It's amazing how many combinations are possible with simple shapes. I can't wait to experiment more!
thank you so much for the many loves and kind words.i have no native american background but am a great admirer of the culture. also i choose to use mostly the basic geometric shapes when creating my templates , so that is what gives them that kind of look, i think.
Hi! Thank you so much for your warm welcome. Since I have been here for all of three days, I have definitely felt the addiction forming! It's a lot of fun to just explore and see what you can come up with. I'm still trying to figure out my way around the site and how to manipulate the images to make them what I want them to be, but it is really fun doing so. I LOVE your patterns. So many of them leave me wondering how you achieved some of your effects or shapes. I think looking at the work of others and, like you said, how they choose to color patterns can really change your perspective and inspire you to try new things out! I can't wait to see more or your designs in the future!
welcome to color lovers ! and thank you for following me. i joined this site about 11 months ago and find it quite habit forming. i really love creating templates, then seeing how other people color them. it can really change the whole look of a piece ,you know. i hope you have as much fun here as i do .

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