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I travel so I can't update this enough to be accurate

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thank you!
Well, the periodic table itself is not gay, but wasting all your science lessons learning how to enter the periodic table into the computer when you could be learning other stuff is gay (:

and thankyou for the love <3

kyko wrote:
the periodic table does NOT equal gay but that's ok. I still love this palette
*thankful didgeridoo noise*


Thanks for the harmony hug on "Sole Patch" and "Guacamole" !

Denver, huh? I got people in Denver... ;)
Hi! Thank you very much for your nice comments and I'm glad you like my palletes! I love yours too, specially "Pleasant passing"... very nice colors here! Yes, I live in Italy and I prefer Illy! LOL... I'm glad you didn't ask if I prefer AC Milan or Inter! LOL :P
Thanks for your love and nice comment ! ;-)
yo kyko.. don't leave me---------- great palette..

Feel Free to drop by my Frog Collections.. thank you
thank you for the love and kind words :) your soft solitude is one of my very favorite palettes! awesome
Thanks for your comments of "littlest bird". I think it's my favorite of all my palettes :)
Kyko, thanks for loving "feeling so real". Your palettes are so striking!

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