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more thanks!♥♥
riverside drift

thanks so much for the loves, and the follow!♥♥
times square

kfunk937 wrote:
I hope this works: (I think) I just learned how to make badges. I' m working my way backwards from the most recent ~ you <3 ~ and wanted to also say how beautiful your page is. I find your work inspiring! I hope to learn a lot from you, and the wider community of talented & creative lovers.

Thank you for the loves, fav and follow. Wow! I feel really welcomed.

~ Karla

You're welcome & thank you so much for you kind words, Karla :)
I look forward to more of your work, you have such interesting taste in colors/palettes ♥
Welcome to CL, I hope you will enjoy this great community. And thank you for the love and for following.
lemon_walking Thank you:-)
{thank ♥ you}

Thank you very very much for the love and beautiful comment Dear Karla : )

kfunk937 wrote:
haluk wrote:
Thank you very much for the follow ❤

Thank you! Am honoured. I like the variation in colour selection & how it works with the template: all cohesive. But "kfunk's" kinda sounds like the noise when something heavy drops on a hard floor, almost "ka-thump:" not nearly pretty enough for your pattern . . . :-D
Thank you for the love ♥♥
How very nice to meet you, hope you are enjoying Colour Lovers, isn't it lovely here? So very happy to have you here, welcome welcome welcome :D
kfunk937 wrote:
Thanks for the love! The name "lsd hangover" is in no way a reflection on the template, but rather the results when combined w/ the palette. I could not help but think of interiors on BBC, which seem to imply that the UK is where weird wallpaper goes to . . . well, retire. {:

Thanks for following me! I'm not offended by the name at all, in fact I like it! :) Haha

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