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Thank you so much for the ♥!
I've been to the Philippines :D i just dont remember though. Music sounds good. I play the piano, I've been playing for a while now, I'm pretty good. My teacher says "I was boring to play the piano" ahaha. I have to say most of the things I do I do without thinking, but I've never regretted anything to much. I mean I try to follow the philosophy that even though something bad came out of it, i'll learn from it anyways. Um music. I listen to all types of music to be honest :P. I like indie rock, alternative, electro, but as I said I listen to everything so I even enjoy rap or hip hop. I laugh VERY easily :D But when I REEEEALLLYYY laugh and tears come out of my eyes...THAT'S real laugh to me.
Thank you Karyn :D
Fair enough, seeing as we can't go on about the weather forever. I'll ask some questions as conversation starters. Have you lived anywhere other than hawaii? What countries have you been to? What ae you planning to study in your future? :)
Noo Madrid is not like Vegas :P Vegas is a city in the middle of the desert. Madrid is surrounded by mountains which always have snow at the tip, and it's dry but not like DESERT dry haha. I'm sure you can have adventures in Hawaii if you look in the right places ;D!
I just read the "Big Island" mentioned in the book i'm reading :)
The weather in Madrid is very dry, with pretty cold winters. It snows sometimes, and this year it snowed a LOT. The summers are blazing though, like right now its 32 degrees celcius, that's like 90 farenheit, and it's still going to get a lot hotter. Madrid summers are just intolerable. At least it's not humid though, that would just make it worse, but summers here really do feel like the sun is right next to you, so we try to stay indoors and go to pools to cool off :).
What's the island you're from called? I don't think I'll go to a hawaii any time soon, if i ever go again. I used to live in South Korea, and so I took a plane from japan and then went to hawaii, but now it's just too far. I had no idea there was a place in hawaii which even HAD snow haha :S!
I visited several I can't remember all the names haha but I went to honolulu obviously and I also went to some minor ones and also to volcanoes national park :) hawaii is beautiful. I'm actually reading a book set in hawaii, in moloka'i about the leper colony that used to be in kalaupapa (really random)
thank you :)! you're very new to this site but you have some great things aswell and keep up the good work :D
Thank you for the love! It's so cool you're hawaiian :) I've actually been there, it's the only place in the US I've been to!
Many thanks ! :o))))))


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