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ERIN WOW THANKS but you am call my creatons tears too? for me to say it is one thing, for you to say it is brash! thats fine we need some personality here. I MEAN ITS JUST COLARES WHO CARES am i right
I couldn't help but laugh reading some of your comments - I like, in particular, where you've critiqued and commented on your own creations (ie. 'THIS I AM CALL TEARS'). Thank you, I needed that.
a rookie but i show promise huh? well, thanks. :)
Hey Anastasia, I am INTO YOU! Thank's for befriending me. Not sure why u come here to talk to Clip though. Me and Clip are pales don't try to come between us ur a rookie but u show promise.
klip, that was... unnecessary
JUST LOOKING FOR FRIEND'S! you can say I am your friend on this sight just look all a round u
look at all these people who like me. to bad i am a jerk!
noticed you can fav yourself?
Lucy I appreciate your comment. I will love them u have my word
Crazy palettes...
luv them!!!!!

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