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Beautiful palettes !!!

BAH! You really have disappeared :( Hope things are going well for you. I miss seeing you around and our discussions. Take care, and all the best for 2009.
Hey! Everybody keeps disappearing off the face of Colourlovers for long periods of time (myself included). Hope school hasn't been too hectic. I am finished for the year, got the whole summer off (well, I'll be not really). Greece sounds like it was amazing! Are you jetting off again anytime soon? Give me a yell upon your return :P Take care.
Lol, I have those fishies too! :D
Thanks so much for the lovely comments!! <3
venetian sunset
Thank you for all the love! You write very well...I assumed you were a college sophomore! I'm very impressed!

moon unit
What a sweetie you are. Thanks so much. : )

I have to say, I am ridiculously in love with your "free falling" series. Especially 'falling back' and 'falling in line', which are gorgeous. Just a guess: is the name inspired by the song?

LOL...this time it wasn't inspired by the song. I did the first "falling" palette and then somehow sort of ended up making 7 more and had to come up with something to call the series, but at the time, the song didn't even enter my mind. Which is weird, because I've done a lot of palettes inspired by music.

Anyway, as I came here to leave this message for you, I was totally taken with the first few colours at the top of your list, so I made this. Hope you like it.

You have some absolutely lovely stuff here. <3
Hi there, I made this for you after seeing your avatar on the forums:

for eighthmuse
Thank you for loving my
Qing Dynasty Tablet

Here's the link to the Double Blends group. If you don't already have a method of creating these palettes, here's a link to the one I like: Color Blender. Enjoy!

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