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Well, it was freakin' scary, but well worth the risk! Hope you manage to get your foot in the proverbial door too! Not sure where you're based, but a lot of overseas students where on my course at the library school. Seemed to be a popular choice with Americans as it was cheaper than in the States, and could be completed in a year. :)

Anyways... yes, your teal colour immediately caught my eye, hence nominating it for colour of the day... Great name too, BTW! ^-^

delilahsquid wrote:
Aww, thank you! I do seem to gravitate toward the teals & turquoises (and greens, and purples, and limes...). No matter how I try to switch things up, those cool colours keep drawing me back in!

Well enjoy your enviable career choice! It's not easy to make a switch, but once the switch happens, sometimes one can wonder why it didn't happen sooner! Congratulations to you on taking a daring plunge. :)
Thanks for the return follow, Delilah! I do so love your palettes, especially the teal variations!

The librarian thing was a late career change, but it's one I am so thankful I made - I'm enjoying it so much! :)

delilahsquid wrote:
Thanks for the love & follow, sweetie! You've got a wonderful vibrant sense of colour that is very appealing, as well! Consider your follow reciprocated. :)

You have my dream job, too, by the way.
Awesome stuff you have here - definite follow!!! :D
Right back at ya, with the ♥
Thank you for the comment back, on Weirdy's template. You made me smile, after a really rough day. It's really nice to meet you. I'm always around, if you ever want to shoot the breeze. (Or sing) ;-) - Jesse
Thanks Delilah!
You're welcome - I love the effect your palate has on the template Laundry.
.." target="_blank">All_The_Young_Nudes
Thank you for loving❣

Thank you for following me! :3
Thanks dear! ♥

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