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yeah!! are you an Edward fan as well!!! Cannot wait for Breaking Dawn. And welcome to colourlovers, you have wonderful stuff so far.
I the books he's freaking amazing...I can't wait to see RPattz (he's already gorgeous, but as Edward, he's absolutely 3000x more godly)
Female Head

Thanks for your love! Your palettes have a purity and sweetness that's so lovely. x.
hello. (: your welcome, i really like 'my sweet' and 'early spring'. i find them very calming colours. (: me, on the other hand, i'm almost colour blind. xP i'm new to this so i just wander around favouriting stuff. (:
welcome to CL;
so you're a twihard?
gotta love inhuman perfection in the form of Edward
although I prefer Jacob ;]
thank you !
the twisted reach
Welcome! You've made a great start here! Hope you'll love this site as much as I do.
Thank you for your kind comment :D
and welcome to CL :D
The Sun Sets

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