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thanks for all the nice comments you sent me!

I fed your hamster.
Hey calvio! Hope you won't be away from Colourlovers for too long. I definitely miss seeing your palettes around here and reading your kind comments. Hope things are going well for you, and hopefully I'll see you soon.
Love your fish and turtles (fed them all) but love your work even more.
♥ 400 LOVERS ♥

Here is a special gift for all of those who have given me love, I reached the amazing number of 400 lovers today and have made this pallet as a special gift for all hope you all enjoy.

awww gee, i hope you are just time pressured like the rest of us and not leaving because of any hurt feelings...
you have good work here ♥
it's to bad you won't be here, i will feed you're turtles. I think that you're group will get along OK without you.
man! Those turtles look hungry! guess i better feed em.
Thanks for the love! I made a group for ppl who like horses that would makes patterns and pallets that relate to horses, like my Saddle 'n' Bridle. I just can't figure out HOW to put in colors and stuff!!
adorable turtles : o
Thankyou calvio for you're awnser to the
question, i was going to give you a tribute but, i messed
up. But don't worry, i'll try again.

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