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Besides XII I've played X, X-2, VIII and VI. Am currently trying to survive IV and V on a GBA emulator. XD God damn, IV is HARD. And Squeenix seems to love killing someone off every few screens XD. Oh yeah and tactics. Tactics. Sigh. I screwed my my game by saving during a crucial boss battle when I wasn't ready for it and now I can't get out of it without restarting the entire game. ...oh the days of sweat blood and training!!! *sobs bitterly*
I don't doubt that! :D If the storyline is good, I will play a game despite the graphics. :33 I do the same with Legend of Dragoon.
Thank goodness for that! XDD!
LOL FF too? :D Have to say I'm really glad FFXII has so many fans here. I don't know many fans, just a lot of critics ;(
yeah! I love FF! :D:D:D:D
Oh totally! I will for sure! I'm gonna get FFVIII first since that game seems to have my attention and I've seen the gameplay since my cousin has the game and I watched him play. The graphics for FFVII are.....rough, but I'm sure it's still a great game. XD
Yep, I have played FFX *has it by the PS2* and I'm familiar with FFVIII and FFVII though fanfic :3
I could have beat the game a LONG time ago, but I still have things I want to do and I don't want the game to end~ ;~; We've already taken down all the hunts, sidequests, and bosses and YES! Yiazmat is a LOOONG endurance battle, for sure. DX

I loves Balthier, Basch, Gabranth, Vossler, and Vaan [*haha* yes, he does have that painted on abs look] but I really like Penelo and Fran as well, but almost everyone in that game is awesome :Db
Awww, thank you! I'm glad you like it! :3

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