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Great! Thank you for joining! I have a few ideas I am going to add to the group soon. I will try to do boyish ones for a change... That's going to be fun!
Well there you go, the group is created (look for BoyGirl). I hope you'll join the fun and drop your palettes. Without them, the group is nothing!
Ha ha! I was droping by to tell you I just had on avocado on toast (yummy!) and that I thought of you. But I see you tought of me too. Here's my homework
Girls Throwing Cloud

Do you think we should create a boy/girl group and have people join the fun?
Did you see this one Markee came up with?
Fading Boyfriend

You are not the only one to make male versions of my palettes! That's great!
Lapsus fixed!
Cheers for the love guys!
#edit: and girls, don't want any trouble from you :D
I mean, I design socks for a living lol That amongst other things, like activewear and packaging, etc. But mainly I've started in sock design...but sock maker sounds funny, I find :) plus it questions people to ask :)
nice job
How do I do to add your palette as my inspiration (for my view on what a male week end could look like)?
Haha! That's a good idea! Except I am just back from a girls' week end (obviously) and I am not too sure the inspiration would be quite as good. But i'll give it a try!

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