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Happy 2008, CL!
Thank you! <3

Twilight Trickery
Hi! So, to add a palette to a group:

1. you go to the group and join it
2. go to the palette you want to add and click on the edit in the upper right corner of the palette hunk of the page
3. Scroll down and put a check mark next to the group you want to add it to
4. hit save or whatever end option it gives you!

Lemme know if you need more info!

And I hope you will add that palette!
maybe :D
and why we aren't friends yet :D
i'll make you my fav :D
let's do some work together :D
hi! welcome! Kickin' start! :D
you're welcome!
welcome to CL! you've got a great start on a great collection here!
Thanks for the comment : ]
Thank you so much! <3

She Is French, Yes?
Hey, Rainbow Grrl! You have some pretty palettes in here! :) Welcome to CL! Hope you have a blast. ♥

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