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epic introduction!
Happy new year ..... LeapSecHappyNwYr2009
I hope that you forgive your mom, Y' know, Children aren't born with instruction manuals !. IT is never to late to follow your dreams...............
Ryuukuro Mountain
300 Lover 300 Thanks
Such lovely palettes!
feel my colours

thanK yoU...
thanks for the comment on:
Wish Upon a Star
:) Here we go. New color included...

Fireball at Sunset
ryuukuro, i'm really glad to hear you're embracing your artistic side :) especially with the screenwriters class (that sounds very exciting by the way!). i find parts of the book hard to take also, but the exercises are great and i hope it helps you move forward on the artistic path.

it fell into my hands in an odd way, i was having a very difficult time a couple of months ago and a lady who was helping me through reccomended i buy it and work my way through it. i saw it in a book shop before christmas and almost bought it before i realised that i really couldn't afford it having so many more presents to buy and lots of doctors fees having sucked my bank account dry!

but a couple of weeks later a friend of my boyfriend gave it to me as a christmas present! and he had never heard of it before (and was unaware that i had been thinking about buying it) - he had just heard mention of it on a music website and thought it may be something that i might like. i was so surprised when i opened it! it's like it was meant to come to me lol

i hope i wasn't too intrusive with what i said, your bio just made me really think and i didn't like to see that someone who clearly has talent with colour feel like they could never be an artist or that they had missed their chance and i really felt the urge to tell you about it. and if it doesnt sound too cheesy: i hope that you can achieve your dream some day :)

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