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Explicit Stripes
welcome! thanks so much for your comments and the love you've given me. (: i'm loving your colours as well. man, these are hot!! and i love the indian curries! i love the way you work with colour.
thanks for the comment! welcome to CL!
Nice work so far...welcome to CL!
RedAce, I'm glad you like the palette. I love the new line too.
CHANEL Spring 08
Thank you for your nice comment on Ariaal Wedding Robes. When I saw that photo , I knew I had to try to capture those joyous African colors in a palette.

I see why its bright and highly-saturated colors reminded you of your Indian Curry series. Mmmm... I can almost taste the spicy heat in your luscious "Indian Curry One" (makes me want to phone in an order of curry from Shiva's tonight!)
thanks for the love! you have a great start here, welcome to CL!

Ice Cream Truck
Thank for the love on Bakelite Bangles. I like your Indian Curry Palettes. I was going to make a curry palette today. I am obsessed with curry- Indian, Thai, Malaysian....!! ;)

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