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Shadows on new snow

Beautiful through and through.
Thanks for the wonderful comment on 'Garden of Angels'. Feel free to use any of my colors that you want. I always like to see how someone else interprets them.
Thanks for the comment in The Purple's Horror.
I don't think I really quite captured it, but here it is anyway...
A pattern just for you.
I knew you would be great with the patterns.
Yep, I am loving the new pattern feature. I will now be spending all of my time here making colors. It looks like you are having fun with it too :)
I recognized your avatar picture right away. That cute little cat!
I knew you would like this. It's in your nature. Glad you like some of my palettes.
I loved your inked so much I had to make a palette from it.Penciled In
I loved some of your colors in 'serene' and could't help myself...

Loving Lilacs

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