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my perfect shade of lipstick- I was going to name it strength :)

Happy new year ..... LeapSecHappyNwYr2009
I am in love with your style, seriously, your zombie palettes are just so perfect and portray the theme and emotion so well through colors, all your work is very inspiring!
♥ 400 LOVERS ♥

Here is a special gift for all of those who have given me love, I reached the amazing number of 400 lovers today and have made this pallet as a special gift for all hope you all enjoy.

Thank you for being one of my first thousand lovers. More patterns are also in the standard palette. I will also take this opportunity to promote the HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLOURLOVERS group to save time. Please send a message to retsof with the month and day of your birthday and I will add you to the master birthday list (That keeps it clean and neat.) Joining the group adds your avatar. If you have already joined, please check for your friends. 1st1000lovers4retsof1st1000Lovers4retsof
Normaltrouble's 5by5

Tagged you for the Five Things Group.
Thanks for the zombie <3 =]
tell your girl thanks!
was Monkey rodeo morbid? oh well, maybe its kinda sad monkeys in a rodeo
rodeos are pretty sad anyways
Wow how did I miss you before now.
Great stuff!! :D

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