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the 100 mark completely passed me by, thank you for adding me, and giving me such a warm welcome, here.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ can't get the darned hearts to work on the pallet : P ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
thanks for the muzak.
Also, your palettes are nice and shiny - keep up the good work
It was the love of Color the drew me to this site originally, but it is the love of CL members that keeps me coming back. Love is the only thing more beautiful than color and your Love and support outshine the brightest rainbow in the heavens.
I hope you understand how sincerely grateful I am for your love and I wish you love in return multiplied 1000 times.
Thank you for being one of my first thousand lovers. More patterns are also in the standard palette. I will also take this opportunity to promote the HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLOURLOVERS group to save time. Please send a message to retsof with the month and day of your birthday and I will add you to the master birthday list (That keeps it clean and neat.) Joining the group adds your avatar. If you have already joined, please check for your friends. 1st1000lovers4retsof1st1000Lovers4retsof
Great job
Thanks for your positive comment and for your music. I love your choices and tend to listen long.
Hello:) Thank you for your colour love, I like the Buckley track, very gentle, not sure I've heard the track before, just immediately gentle and calming, is there a harp in their somewhere? sounds alittle like a harp?

Best Wishes!
thanks for the love! :)
Thanks for the comments ennuidemme!
I apreciate that!:)No Questions About
:) :) Colours are a poetry for the soul. And with the wealth of inspiration in this microverse of Love I suspect to have a very well kempt inner being. Thankies to everyone!

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