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love your job and what you say about colours. hope you come back on CL.
Hapy New Year!
I totally agree with your color philosophy! i hate wimpy colors!
Yeah, soooo purple!
Thank you! And thank you for joining the Let's Drink group. You'll see, it's a fun place to be! That's a funky cocktail you made us (the vodco twizle, I love the name!)
Much love to you for joining the Favorite of the Week group.
Aaah, little girls and pink... Oddly enough I am suspecting that my little boy likes it too, but he's only 17 months so he can't quite tell me yet. :)
You should go to the Rhine area, it's beautiful. I have gone along the river on a train and it was stunning! Not been to any castles there, but maybe one day when I have some time and money again... :))) And they have good wines too! *sounding like a holiday rep, LOL*
thanks for enjoying the sunflower theme. It was my intent to change the theme every week but there is so much love for all the sunflowers I've found, I might need to leave it a bit longer :) I wish I could see the field of sunflowers you mentioned - that would be amazing, an entire field of gorgeous sunflowers :)

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