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I don't care about brands. I just want one that is well made, durable, and has room for all my stuff. I've had expensive purses that fell apart after a just a few months. I bought my current bag at Walmart for $11. It's perfect and I love it. It's two years old already and still in good condition.
Marino Orlandi Python (or Pitoni) in Gold. Absolutely stunning.
I have a really colorful bag by Liz Claiborne. It's small and a cross-body bag. :)
i dont have a favorite brands, but when i like a bag , believe me im going to save money to buy one
i like any bag that will match my outfit
I'm in love with Hermes Birkin...
i dont have a favorite brand , im going buy what i like.
i dont have fav brand, i usually use and like Kipling, Jansport, Export, Rusty, n Hermes
Luis Vutton and Coach
I love Gucci and Luis Vutton
I love how most people post that they love designer bags when in reality they're probably some working class people ogling over a bag on Polyvore that they'll never be able to afford. Not trying to be rude but that's just my opinion. My favorite brand is Lauren Conrad and Apt. 9
Ivanka Trump - got a bargain on her gorgeous purse at TJ Maxx
Derek Alexander bags.. worth their weight in gold!
channel 100%
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