A Word to All Those Who Make Color Love Possible

We want to take a short break and thank everyone who has helped us make this site such an awesome color resource and creative community.

The first and biggest group of people to thank would be You – our readers, members, lovers and friends. You’ve contributed so much amazing creativity and support to this site….Thank you for making this such a great and real community!

The second group would be the sponsors who’ve helped us keep the lights on here at COLOURlovers and who know we never put anything ahead of the community (Okay, there was a short spell a couple years back when we had some AdSense ads that weren’t awesome.). Instead, we’ve chosen to partner with quality ad networks to present ads for relevant creative products and services.

A Summer of Love.

This site was literally a labor of love I started a few years ago that has continued to blossom. We’re a startup that’s lucky to have a small team of passionate people who are happy to be part of the site and help me spread the love… Now we’ve got very big plans for the release of version 4 of COLOURlovers later this year… A major evolution of our community, features and tools.

This brings us to the next chapter in our story….We’re fortunate to be part of Dwell’s Publisher Network to keep the site moving forward. In this chapter, we have a bit more freedom to not only go the standard route of displaying solid banner ads with great creative whenever possible, but to also find ways to partner with relevant companies to connect them to the COLOURlovers community in a thoughtful and genuine way.

One of our first major partners is Full Sail University, which is working with us to spread the word about their Online MFA Program in Media Design. This is exactly the kind of quality partner we plan to work with in the future to really support great new features, contests and tools, etc.

How Can You Help?

We’re here for you. We want to make this community the best place on the web for you, and we need your help to do it.

Firstly, we try our best to only share great companies with you, so taking a minute or two every once in a while to explore who’s supporting the love.

-Do you like how we’re partnering with a company, and do you want us to do more with them? Let us know.

-Are we not doing a good job on a partnership? Let us know.

Secondly, do you know of or work for a great company we should be partnering with? Drop us a note / let them know.

Thank you for making this such a wonderful community!
Darius aka COLOURlover

P.S. Header photo credit… Chris aka Pureform thanks you and approves of your awesomeness.

Author: COLOURlover
My name is Darius A Monsef IV & my friends call me Bub(s)(ba). Chief Lover at COLOURlovers.com / Cofounder of Hands.org Founder, Philanthropist, Designer, Builder & Writer. P.S. I love you.