RYZ Shoe Design Contest: Winners Announced

One thing this community isn’t short of is creativity around playing with color. Using our pattern tool to make designs for a RYZ shoe helped create more than 1,500 contest entries. As with any contest with so many great entries, choosing an overall winner was near impossible. We used your votes (more than 20,000) and our panel of judges to make the hard decision… and the winner is:

Suwaili by Darkstar

You can Pre-order the COLOURlovers shoe here.

Along with the grand COLOURlovers winner, there was also one original pattern winner:
Polygon Camo by MEKAZOO

This original pattern will be added to our library of patterns for your enjoyment.

Thanks to all our lovers for participating in this great contest. We look forward to working with RYZ more in the future and finding new and interesting ways to use our pattern maker to color your real lives.

Author: COLOURlover
My name is Darius A Monsef IV & my friends call me Bub(s)(ba). Chief Lover at COLOURlovers.com / Cofounder of Hands.org Founder, Philanthropist, Designer, Builder & Writer. P.S. I love you.