Masters Of Design: Retro Modern

Masters Of Design: Retro Modern

Continuing the color and graphic traditions of those that came before them, these masters of retro modern design have the ability to create something that feels both nostalgic and fresh. Whether using appropriated images, hand-lettered type inspired by sign painters, strict Swiss design, or paying homage to antiquated technology, film posters of the past, and color palettes attached to particular decades, working in such styles takes more than just copying the past. And the outcome is strictly the artist's own, just ask Shepard Faiery's lawyers...

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Scott Hansen

Porfolio | Behance


Drawing inspiration from "within" himself, Scott uses the internalized images collected throughout his life to develop his style. With a keen sense of color interaction his palettes instantly take us to a time that is unknown, but that is strictly Scott's.

James White

Portfolio | Behance

James White is a mixed-media artist and graphic designer living in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. He draws inspiration from such things as the simple lines of bold colors of Polaroid packaging and identity design from the 60's and 70's.

Shepard Faiery

Obey Giant

Obama:Shepard_FaireyShepard Faiery, the world renowned artist who uses appropriated images and iconic symbols in the style of classic propaganda posters, is best known for his OBEY series of work, and more recently for his Hope poster created in support of the Barrack Obama campaign.

Rob Bailey

Licktronic | in the news


Rob Bailey a UK based illustrator who's inspired by 1950's U.S. animation and design, said: “I wanted to create the feeling you have when you go into a museum as a child and are dead overwhelmed with everything...”

Tom Whalen

Portfolio | deviantART

Tom_Whalen Artist Tom Whalen takes classic movies and characters and adapts them into a style reminiscent of film posters from the golden age of cinema.

Joao Oliveira

Portfolio | Behance

João Oliveira is a Portuguese graphic designer, illustrator and member of the Keystone design union who works across various creative fields.

Jeff Canham

Portfolio | COLOURlovers


Jeff's adds a certain sophistication to the iconic symbols and hand-lettered type of classic sign painting, of which he draws inspiration from.

Bob Staake

Portfolio | Inspiration | COLOURlovers


Throughout my life I've been mesmerized by posters -- particularly those created by the Europeans of the mid-20th Century. These bold, graphic and inventive posters continue to captivate contemporary illustrators, and while many of us have liberally taken inspiration from iconic poster graphics, I'd like to think we build on the visual tradition built by the artists (many well-known, many anonymous) who worked from 1930-1960 in France, Italy, Germany, Great Britain, and virtually every country on the European continent. - Bob Staake

Gonçalo Viana

Portfolio | Behance

Gonçalo_VianaGonçalo's use of soft, muted earth tones gives his work a timeless quality, yet are rich enough to know they're modern. The curves seen throughout his work also give it a classy streamline feel.

Media BOOM



MediaBOOM is an interactive agency that combines design and technology with classic illustrations to create their web experiences.

This post in our Masters of Design series is brought to you by our
friends at Full Sail University's Online MFA Program for Media Design.

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gorgeous! <3
I love it.
great post
*drools* Beautiful...
Wow, evad ! Impressive retrospective ! Good study, very interesting.
Very nice inspiration. Gorgeous! :-))


These artists just blow my mind! Loved the post.
great work! Think i need to work on my design skills a little more :P
Wow !!!

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