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How can I pin a palette to my Pinterest board?

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Hi there! The easiest way is to pick the preview of the palette. On the right side of the palette page, look for a box that says Share this Palette, and you'll see a lot of options for different sizes. Pick Preview, and a small graphic will pop up. You can pin that. You might want to include the URL of your palette in the text box.


^ Great answer, eighteyed! Nice to see this is a caring community.
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c e c i
c e c i
Posted 6 hours ago
Don't know if either of you are aware, but if you hover over the 'tools' section, you can get to COPASO without having to go through so many pages.

(click for full?)
Blue Horizon
Blue Horizon
Posted 8 hours ago
Seahorse Girl
Seahorse Girl
Posted 12 hours ago
Janneke Douma
Janneke Douma
Posted 16 hours ago
Thank you very much! I will give it a try.this is so much fun...
With kind regards, Janneke

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