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Posted 3 hours ago
everybody_gets_there + oh_oh_ohhhh = raise_your_voices
Posted 12 hours ago
Just Perfect Color
Just Perfect Color
Posted 12 hours ago
There has been a fair amount of chat about intellectual property on this site. I felt the shaming people idea was dangerous but I did not mean to shut down the sentiments and emotions of those proposing it.

I myself cringe when I see people posting on this site that all you need to do, if you find something you want to use on the internet, is attribute that you are using it. That's kind of like saying, I stole your watch because I wanted to be able to see what time it was and maybe share it with others. Hope you do not mind?

So, so far from the truth. Copyrights, with all rights reserved, in the case of individuals, accrue on the day created (those in true "work for hire" situations are temporarily screwed) to the creator of the work---whether they register them or not. With individuals, unless they sign them away in total, partially or for a period of time? Copyrights last the lifetime of the creator plus 70 years. Obviously if you choose not to register with forms a drunken, upside down monkey, with no hands could fill out, and you don;t want to fork over the insignificant fee, you will have to prove the work is yours with dated notes, sketches, color pallets or whatever if you are infringed.

Anyhow, since intellectual property comes up often, would any of you be open to this thread exploring such things? Many years ago now, I represented photographers and illustrators in the San Francisco Bay Area. When I moved to NYC, I took on photographers, pattern designers, and illustrators again. A major part of my job was negotiating rights assignments.

I got out of the business. Sometime later I built a color consultancy. I stayed in touch with many lawyers from those days though. I think, with Darius' permission they might help with this thread.

It would mean that us non-lawyers should not rattle on about what we think is legal, fair, and just. At least on this thread, I hope we could agree not to practice intellectual property law and just wait for responses.

Don't get me wrong. No lawyer is going to offer specific legal advice, on a forum one step down from the public website itself. But I think I could offer some who would give coherent, non-emotional, general advice.

Anybody interested?
Just Perfect Color
Just Perfect Color
Posted 13 hours ago
Not to hype a brand but those of us specifying colors for interiors, and exteriors know at all costs one must avoid box store paint products. I won't mention the two worse than crappy paint brands sold by Home Desperate. Or those by Blowe's or Menards.

Sherwin-Williams has started offering CEU courses for professionals and the course listings look interesting. They are supposedly offered only to pros but if you really want to take a course, just private mail me and we shall see what we can do.

Sherwin Williams Online Learning Center

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