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Created May 31, 2012

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This is a group dedicated to challenges, in which the Admin will give a sentence or a word, and the members will express it using colors (it may be palettes/patterns/colors).

For example, if the topic is "Rain", use your creativity to express the rain with palettes/patterns/a single color.

Please, remember to add the tag EWC to your works!

Let's have fun and enjoy our creations!

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EWC033 - Great Adventure

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Today's challenge is a suggestion given by ValentinaWeena, and I found it awesome and inspiring: Great Adventure.

What's awesome about this theme is that it will surely result in many different interpretations. What would be a Great Adventure for you?

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PS.: This lovely badge was created by Pink =] Thanks a lot, Pink!)
I'm having a great adventure today by walking my dog during a hurricane....
A great adventure: imagine things on a walk in the forest, this time a hidden blue yellow-nose cat in the woods
William Smith Clark (July 31, 1826 – March 9, 1886) was a professor of chemistry, botany and zoology, a colonel during the American Civil War, and a leader in agricultural education. In 1876, the Japanese government hired Clark as a foreign advisor to establish the Sapporo Agricultural College (SAC). During his eight months in Sapporo, Clark successfully organized SAC, had a significant impact on the scientific and economic development of the island of Hokkaido,and made a lasting imprint on Japanese culture. Clark's visage overlooks Sapporo from several statues and his parting words to his Japanese students, "Boys, be ambitious!" have become a nationally known motto in Japan.



I'm sorry for my long sentence.

That is when i will have the courage to do it.
just ramble all over great britain lazily on the bike
Let's go on a Great Adventure...
We will explore
Let's see the face of
and tell them that they are
Let's go now and
Another one!
My friend asked recently for personal definitions of what "great adventure" means, but I could not accurately define it in words. I got frustrated, sad, and ultimately furious about adventure out of jealousy. Yet I am in love with adventure, always have been, and feel I've lost it like it's been taken away from me! Adventure means so many things to me, I try to recapture it as best I can, and the way I define it can't be expressed through the medium of words. My mind does not work that way. I can only really express The Great Adventure through colors, patterns, designs, the creation of characters, and I avoid prose as much as possible, because my true language is a free-form style of poetry. Here's what I came up with in the last few days:


The story behind the photograph
is that the photographer asked the model to point his finger at the center of the cracked window, but my imagination came up with a different kind of story. One where the Great Adventure was of survival, the young man is pointing out where his head hit the windscreen and yet he walked away. Another version is he gained a superpower and is living his Great Adventure as I write this. His one eye exudes his new found confidence and determination.

My personal adventures always begin during my favorite time of year while I walk through the woods that surround my home and always when I am alone.

A shout out to Sunflowerseedsvcnpdp for discovering this photo:

The climbers in the photograph are very brave, and yet I consider them lucky to be able to do what they do, to experience the beauty the sea and those cliffs up close and personal in a way I can only imagine! Now that is Great Adventure.
(I saw this photo on PHOTOCOPA and did not know Sunflowerseedsvcnpdp already used it as an example to base a palette on! Sorry for the repeat, but it really is stunning, isn't it?) Makes me wonder what is way down in the sea below:

Road trips are always adventure... I could make many, many, many color palettes based on the many road adventures I've had, but these make up my favorite ones based on the favorite time of year I prefer to travel. (Best time because it's no longer summer, everything's off season, less tourists, more time, slower pace, no one to bug you while you explore)

This photograph was taken in Argentina and the woman in it really impressed me. I got the sense she was an adventurer, not just a camper. I found her to be very beautiful, strong, and pretty much everything I wish I could be (and, as a consequence, am fiercely jealous of)! I admire women who go on Great Adventures alone -- they remind me of the brave women of the Old West who were tougher and better than the men.

For me, Great Adventure is also all about the epic legends filled with magic, supernatural danger, and perilous quests -- all metaphors for real life challenges and obstacles that must be overcome, but in stories they are swallowed by the mind better because the action and glamour enchant and entertain us. Sometimes the fairy tale inspires us to become heroes in real life.


Not sure who this comic book/anime hero is, but the dramatic colors and sense of deep danger gave me a sense of Great Adventure...
Choosing the patterns I did, I can form a kind of surreal story to go along with the color palette.

Nothing frightens me more than deep water... to take a leap off a high cliff into deep sea would be to face death all over again for me. I almost drowned at the age of 11. A Great Adventure would be to overcome that fear and, worse yet, do it in the dark, with no knowledge of what could be in the dark water underneath me!
The concept of diving into the unknown disturbs me so much, I did not make any patterns with this palette.

I'm no gamer, but many of my friends are... obsessively so. I have a complete and absolute aversion to video games, especially violent ones, I even cry during the sound of gun fire and at the deaths of really cool monsters to the point of ridiculousness. Yet I used to love to play table top and live action roleplaying games, something I can no longer get into because they bore me. I would rather perform on stage or live a real adventure now, however why should I begrudge the joy people experience everyday with their "armchair adventures"? If you can't have a Great Adventure outdoors, perhaps then having this sort of indoor adventure suffices for home bound souls.

Yes, this about covers it. Wish I could do more. I wonder if this is a record amount of color palettes for me? LOL
Freak4Color wrote:
In this moment of my life, the great adventure is raising my son.
This may sound weird but somehow I could relate "Adventure" with "Psychosocial".. I'm a very strange human being :)

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